Monday 26 June 2017

Top Tips and Ideas Marketing on a Budget

You don’t have to have an overinflated marketing budget in order to boost awareness for your brand and traffic to your website. If you are a fledgling startup or a small, low-budget business looking to expand, the following marketing on a budget tips may come in handy:

Idea Marketing

• Social Media perhaps the most popular means of low-budget marketing is social media. These days, you can share your thoughts ideas, upload links, videos and images to social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and, not only enhance product awareness, but significantly increase traffic to your website. Take the time to build a social media presence for your brand or business, it costs nothing and the results can be very beneficial.

• Guest Blogging uploading guest blogs with an embedded backlink that leads back to your website on article sharing blogs will increase the traffic to your site, in addition to bolstering your Google pagerank. If your backlink is a ‘do follow’ link, Google will index the linked page on your website. Keep in mind that backlinks are not the only reason for guest blogging. If you want to build a legitimate web presence for your website, business or brand then the guest blogs you post should feature quality content, content that has an added value and/or blogs that are interesting and trendy and have a chance of piquing the interest of your readers, thus prompting them to share your posts online.

• On-site Blogging posting blogs on your business’s website is just as important as uploading guest blogs on article sharing sites. Why? For a couple of reasons. The first being that fresh and updated content causes Google to re-Index your website and to recognize that your site is legit. In relation, you can use on-site blog posts for SEO purposes by incorporating embedded links and keywords into your posts. Secondly, blogging on-site can be used to drive traffic to your site. By engaging readers with interesting, trendy and informative blogs, allowing them to comment on your blogs, and interacting with them via their comments, you can really build a following for your brand. You can even add call to actions and see whether or not your readers are moved to comply.If you do not have a blog section on your website I suggest comparing the top blogging services and software and finding the right blogging solution for you so that you can build your own blog section with ease.

• SEO as I have previously mentioned, SEO plays an important role in driving organic traffic to your website and in boosting your Google pagerank. There are many SEO tactics you can employ, including content and URL optimization, keyword implementation, internal links, backlinks, link buying and trading, etc. You can monitor your SEO efforts by using Google Analytics, whereby you will be able to monitor traffic to your website, down to the location of your visitors, the time they spent on your site, their actions on your website, and much much more. I highly recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with this tool so that you can optimize your marketing efforts.


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