Sunday, 30 August 2020

Installation of a Split Type Air Conditioning Unit

 The AC Installation Palm Beach of the split AC is a crucial job. If the installation is done properly your air con will give optimum cooling, but if it is not done accurately you would not get the desirable cooling effect. A poor installation can also leads to frequent maintenance problems.

Split AC should be installed on a strong wall that can accommodate the indoor and outdoor units together. Even if the outer unit is not installed on the same wall, a stronger wall will ensure there are no vibrations induced into it. Also, ensure there’s a distance of 15 cm above and sides of the indoor unit. Height should always be 7 feet above the ground.

This instruct-able is not detailed step by step guide but rather an overview of how the job was done.

  1. Install the Compressor Unit. Connect the Lines and Pull a Vacuum on them.
    After the compressor is installed outside, the refrigerant lines need to be adjoined using a spanner. These connections are created at the blower and compressor unit. They have to be secured and tight but not so tight which can damage the threading. The spare tubing can be cut and the ends re-flared to permit the nuts to be used again but in this AC Installation Palm Beach you chose to simply loop the excess tubing behind the compressor unit.
  2. Braze the Mechanical Connections With Solder.
    While AC Installation Palm Beach, it is always recommended to use electronics grade solder to hermetically seal the nuts on the ends of the copper lines. This ensures zero leaks and long life of the system. A propane torch can be used to carefully heat the nuts and apply solder to melt into the spaces and threads. This is done while the vacuum was pulled.
  3. Apply Pressure and Make the Electrical Connections.
    The valve for the low pressure Gauge must be closed. The liquid line valve is the first one to be partially allowed open using an Allen key. Then the gas valve is fully opened. Manifold Gauge will register pressure. The vacuum pump can be removed thereafter. Quickly disconnect the manifold from the compressor unit carefully since refrigerant and oil will spurt out. Note that never remove the manifold without pressure in the lines since you do not want water vapor being sucked back into the lines. Now fully open the liquid line valve. Make the electrical connections in and out. This part is the easiest.
  4. Power up and enjoy.
    Power up the unit and cold air circulates in the room.


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