Wednesday 30 August 2017

Hills are the serene abode where everyone wants to go for a break when they are tired of the daily chaos in their cities. But these days, many people go to hills for holidays and as a result, those places have become crowded too.

There are many people who do not want to go to overcrowded places as they do not consider them as holiday destinations anymore. To make hill station stories in Hindi, they try to find out some hilly abodes which are still not much crowded and popular as a holiday destination. Not because they are not beautiful but it is just that those places are not popular yet. Here are some examples.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
This one located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, is yet untouched but the mad crowd of the tourists. This place is at an altitude of 10,000 feet and one of the serenest places in India. This place has Tibet on one side and Bhutan on the other and this place is mainly dominated by the Buddhists. This place is said to have one of the biggest monasteries in the world. If you are adventurous enough, you can also go for paragliding, rock climbing and river rafting. The mountains and the colourful flowers are quite a view here. The best time to visit here is in summers but you can also visit in winters if you have the courage to beat the cold. Avoid the monsoons here.

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
People talk a lot about Coorg but not Coonoor. This is the most secluded hill station in this state and this place is the hub where Nilgiri tea is produced. If you love to trek then this is the perfect place for the base camp. The place is located at 1,850 metres above the sea level and one can easily do away with the crowds of Ooty here. The perfect time to visit this place is from October to February.

Pelling, Sikkim
This hill station is about 2100 metres above the sea level and this one is a very serene destination. Whenever people think of visiting Sikkim they think about Gangtok but tend to overlook Pelling. This place is not very well developed but it has stunning views which should not be missed. There are many lovely trekking routes from here. One can visit this place throughout the year except in monsoons.

Haflong, Assam
This is the only hill station in Assam which is quiet and not at all crowded. Here one can come in touch with the Assamese tribes which are their home. The blue hills will mesmerize you and the green rivers will take your breath away. One can also take a short excursion to the Jatinga village to see the migratory birds in winter. If you go a little further, you will find Maibong where one can find the ruins of an ancient kingdom. The best time to visit this place is from October to April.

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Monday 28 August 2017

Nameplates serve different roles on different occasions. Especially in a work environment or home, it proves to be a great way to categorize stuff. Nameplates don’t just make things look tidy; they also save you a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent looking for misplaced files or figuring out what a non-labeled item is. Imagine you are new to a work environment and trying to familiarize yourself with everything. Without name plates, you will be left wondering what is located where. Without nameplates, nothing can be organized and in order. And that is why you need them. Buying online nameplates will help you be more organized in your life without a lot of fuss.

There are various scenarios where a nameplate could save a lot of inconvenience.

For example, with nameplates, it becomes easy for you to follow routes and then reach an intended destination. It is a great way to find unknown places and people.

There are other advantages as well of having nameplates, a few of which have been discussed here-

With a nameplate placed on their table, it becomes easy to locate officials in an office. This would have become a task close to impossible, in the absence of name plates. After all, an office is a place where hundreds of people work together and their table nameplates act as their identity.

It also promotes efficiency in the workplace in a way that you won’t be wasting a lot of time trying to locate the files and folders you need. Since, you waste no time searching, you become more productive as an employee. Thus, it could also promote efficiency in a longer term.

Nameplates can also be an amazing way to organize items inside a kitchen pantry. A pantry  is a place where all the ingredients needed for cooking are stored. As a cook, it should be easier for you to locate items needed for a particular dish. If you fail to do this fast, you will end up consuming a lot of time unnecessarily. Not just your food will take a lot of time to cook, but also you will end up getting frustrated. The best way to address this problem is by putting name plates on each and every container stored in your pantry.

If you thought it’s only the office and the kitchen pantry that benefit from nameplates, you were all wrong. Even wardrobes can be kept super organized with them. Owing to paucity of time, many a times it becomes difficult for us to locate the clothes we are looking for in the wardrobe, especially when it is all messed up. Even if you try to find, you will end up wasting a lot of your time. However, if you label different sections of your closet with nameplates, you will solve this problem once and for all. And will be able to keep the closet orderly.

Nameplates also make for a great way to label houses. So, if you own a house and want it to be easily locatable, you must use a nameplate for it. For convenience of shopping, you can buy door name plates for home online, and make your home navigable for your guests.

Friday 25 August 2017

The Graduate Management Admission Test is an International level entrance exam which is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council which is commonly known as GMAC. It is conducted in order to provide admissions in under graduate management courses which are offered by foreign universities and institutes. The entrance exam is conducted in 114 countries with more than 600 test centers around the world. Candidates who all are interested in appearing in the entrance exam can get them registered throughout the year and can select the test center and test date as per their choice. It should also be noticed that a candidate can appear in the entrance exam about 5 times in a year, but not more than once in a month.

  • ·         The registration for the entrance test is available throughout the year
  • ·         Candidates can register them as per their preference
  • ·         The date of exam and center of exam can be selected as per candidate’s choice
  • ·         Candidates can register themselves on the official website of GMAC
  • ·         The payment of the examination fee can be paid through Visa card, Master card, American express card
  • ·         Candidates can also make the payment of the fee through cashier’s checks, Money orders and personal checks.
  • ·         Candidates are required to make the payment of $250 as an exam fee.
  • ·         Candidates are also advised to keep safe the details of the registration for future use

Eligibility Criteria-

There are no fixed eligibility conditions but candidates should meet the basic requirements which are-
·         Candidate’s age should be minimum of 18 years
  • ·         There is no upper age limit condition
  • ·         Candidates are required to have cleared their graduation from a recognized university
  • ·         All other eligibility conditions will be laid down by the college or university or institute in which the candidate is seeking for the admissions

Exam Pattern-
  • ·         There will be about 91 questions in the question paper
  • ·         The exam will be held through online mode i.e. it will be computer based test
  • ·         Candidates will be allotted with 3 hours plus 30 minutes as duration of the entrance exam
  • ·         The entrance exam will comprise of 4 sections which are Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal

Admit Card-

Admit card for entrance exam is released on official website of entrance exam that is candidates are required to download admit card online. Candidates will be informed through mail for downloading admit card from official website.

Admit card will contain candidate’s information such as name, roll number, test center, date of test, etc. Admit card is a mandatory document which is required to carry along in order to appear in GMAT entrance exam 2017 as no candidate will be allowed to appear in exam without admit card.


Result is declared within 3 weeks from the day of the exam. The result for the entrance test is declared on the official website of GMAC. The candidates can access the result of entrance exam on the official website of the GMAC.
Talking about a bone marrow transplant, it simply replaces unhealthy blood-making cells with healthy ones. There are two kinds of transplants autologous and allogenic.

A peep into role of bone marrow
Marrow is a soft tissue within bones that generates blood-making cells. Blood-making cells are immature cells, which can develop into white blood cells, red blood cellsor platelets.
  • Red blood cells transmit oxygen throughout the body
  • White blood cells are helpful in fighting infections
  • Platelets are helpful in controlling bleeding

A bone marrow transplant
Before you get started with this, it might interest you that the Cost for bone marrow transplant in India differs from place to place. However, since the facilities are increasing, the cost is getting down. Coming back to the concept of bone marrow transplant, it is important to know that healthy marrow and blood cells are required to live. Ailment can affect marrow’s capability to function. When such a thing takes place, a bone marrow or cord blood transplant might be the finest treatment option. For some ailments, transplant caters the only potential cure.

A bone marrow transplant replaces the unhealthy blood-making cells with the healthy ones. Blood-making cells are also known as blood stem cells. Blood stem cells are immature cells, which can develop into white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

There are two kinds of transplant. An autologous transplant makes use of your own cells that are Gathered from the bloodstream and stored fortransplant. An allogeneic transplant makes use of cells from a family member, unconnected donor or the umbilical cord blood unit.

There are three foundations of blood-making cells used in the transplants:
  • The foremost is bone marrow
  • peripheral blood (also known as peripheral blood stem cell or simply PBSC)
  • umbilical cord blood gathered after a baby is born

In case you need a transplant, you are going to be referred to a doctor who is a specialist in bone marrow transplants. Your transplant doctor shall talk to you about the kind of transplant and cell source that is most probable to work best for you grounded on your ailment and other health influences.

Working of a transplant
An autologous transplant is a manner to treat cancer by making use of high doses of chemotherapy that abolishes the bone marrow simply as a side effect. Autologous blood cells replace the injured marrow. It is how autologous transplants are used to combat certain kinds of cancers like lymphoma.
Talking about allogeneic transplant, it also treats cancers of blood, and caters the extra benefit of using the immune systemof the donor to recognize and abolish cancer cells. Allogeneic transplantalso gets used to treat different non-cancerous ailments like sickle cell anaemia. In non-cancerous ailments, transplant replaces faulty marrow cells withthe healthy cells of the donor.

So, if you or any of your acquaintances is suffering from any such serious ailment, he must get it treated as soon as possible. As far as the cost of bone marrow transplant in India is concerned, it differs from place to place.

Monday 21 August 2017

Moto (formerly Motorola) has been quite a successful brand with its various traces of apparatus in the E, G, Z and X (now discontinued) series. While Moto devices have generally been targetted in the mid-range section, except that the X series and the Z series, the focus was offering value for money telephones. But it looks like Moto does not wish to be limited to these three alphabets. This is best Phone if you have budget of 14,000 rupees