Tuesday 19 December 2017

What is a knee replacement surgery? When the knees get damage due to a disease or injury, then the knee joints that perform day to day activities are in a critical stage. Pain along with other forms of discomfort is common in most cases. When non-surgical methods fail to yield the desired results, then doctors may recommend a surgical procedure for last lasting results. In a way it is a total resurfacing procedure and not a total replacement of your knee.

Steps as part of this procedure
  1. ·         The joint bone is prepared- first and foremost the damaged cartilage is removed and the bone which ends from the fibula and the tibia with the considerations of a healthy bone.
  2. ·         Implant positioning- Over the prepared bone surfaces (joints) the metal implants are used. This could be achieved by the process of cementing or press fit implants could be adopted
  3. ·         Patellar resurfacing- here cutting along with resurfacing of the kneecap takes place with the aid of a plastic button. It is not recommended in all the cases
  4. ·         Inserting spacer- a plastic implant in a disc like module is embedded between the metal components in the patella.
  5. These are the four main procedures involved in a knee replacement surgery. A point to consider is that after the surgery the post recovery instructions has a final say on the success or failure of this surgery.

Post recovery methods?

The surgeon is going to educate you about the pros along with cons of this surgery. Though every possible precaution is being taken so that the patient does not suffer any form of complications after the surgery. Possible risks would include, blood clot, infections after a surgery. These are the standard protocols to be followed for a successful knee replacement surgery to take place.


It is suggested that you get treated by a quality physiotherapist that will light on your budget. An experienced person will restore the movement along with strength in the deceased knee.

Visit within 24 hours

The first few hours after a surgery is important as the medical staff will ensure that you do become mobile as soon as possible. It is pretty common that a patient stands on its feet just 24 hours after a surgery.

Walking aids

Just after a surgery, when you are not able to move, the doctor will advise you to use the help of walking sticks. In some hospitals temporary braces are also being used where extensive damaged to the knee joints have taken place.

The cost of Knee replacement in India works out to be economical when you compare it with the standard countries of the world. Most of the hospitals have standard facilities that could be compared to the best in the world.  It would be worthwhile to consider knee surgery cost in India with the western hubs and you are going to make consider amount in terms of savings.

So rush to India for this surgery at the earliest!

Tuesday 5 December 2017

Major concerns focused on steroid use by sports celebrities are quite usual – players appear eager to jeopardize their freedom, employment, and health to earn an “edge”. Such harms aren’t surprising considering the large financial compensations involved. The use of steroids is usually carried out in private; hence well-outlined research citing the effects of anabolic steroids is uncommon. Testosterone treatment fortifies healing rate, muscle strength, and body mass; still, these benefits are related to short-term and long-term dangers.

Hinder bone development

Steroids are famous for stopping the bone development which could result in lesser height in adulthood as the result of the untimely closing of the epiphyseal growth plates. This is usual in users who abuse steroids amidst their teenage years or early twenties. Bone pain is one of the documented side effects of performance-enhancing drugs. They affect the tendons and muscles adversely. Steroid use brings a false sense of power to the user, which results in pushing the limits and trying to carry out vigorous physical tasks which he/she is incapable of. This often results in muscle tears. In addition, as the result of the hastened enhancing of the muscles initiated by steroids, the tendons are likely to cave into the pressure and a huge rupture may emerge.

Skin damages

Steroids could adversely affect the user’s skin. The user’s skin pores get damaged resulting in an identifiable roughness in the texture of their skin. Other skin conditions that have been noticed are red blotchy, oily skin with acne development on the back. Thinning of the skin and hastened muscle development could also result in the appearance of stretch marks. The impact of steroids on the liver led to jaundice; the skin turning to yellow in color.

Increased muscle strength

It’s famous, both logically and hypothetically, that steroid use fortifies muscle strength. One of the recent studies carried out in 2007 illustrated this effect of performance-enhancing drugs. The authors have proven that testosterone enanthate, (the most usually utilized and abused form of testosterone), increases bench press strength and cycling performance in fit subjects. Old studies had shown that such results are commonly earned in 6-12 weeks of safe medications; still, these scholars illustrated significant changes within 3 weeks. These pleasing benefits indicate that steroid use could easily boost muscle strength.

Increased body size

The same study shows that performance-enhancing compounds fortify body size. In general, a large amount of study supports that result. The scholars tested the effects of testosterone enanthate in healthy weightlifters. Testosterone pointedly boosts body weight, bicep girth, and quadriceps circumference. Besides, this study also shows an increase in the abdomen “tightness” – but as most inquests don’t state fat-reducing effects of steroid use, that entire result is quite uncommon.

Increased healing rate

Another reported effect of steroids is their positive impact on the healing rate. The current steroid issues involving professional players contained repeated references to the use of these performance-enhancing drugs for speeding up recovery. Unluckily, few probes testing these effects in healthy subjects aren’t available. Learn more about how steroid use increases the metabolic activity!

Thursday 30 November 2017

GNC is a well-known brand when it comes to supplements for bodybuilding. They are a one stop shop for anything related to being buff and health. Making products that are healthy and safe. From vitamins and supplements to herbs and natural remedies such as Omega Jym, Inositol powder and CoQ-10 100 to say a few. They offer a safer solution for bodybuilding and athletes to take in replacement for the controlled substance that they are taking. An alternative to anabolic steroids.

General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) is an American based company located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company manufactures products for companies and online stores like Rite Aid, The Sam's Club and drugstore.com. Ever since it was established in 1935, GNC has become a powerhouse that boasts store locations of over 9000 branches worldwide.

Controlled substance: Since 2001 there had been laws that made the selling of steroids illegal. In the United States the DEA included anabolic steroids in their long list of controlled substances thru the controlled substances act. As it was prone for abuse, some popular ones being used wasn’t intended to be used by humans and was not deemed safe. Now it requires a prescription to get one and doctors never prescribed these drugs for people just for a person to get ripped. For the reason that it needs a regulation to minimize the abuse. Also, anabolic steroids are mainly used for the people that really needed it, like the ones that you see below:

  • To help with weight gain post sepsis, illness or injury.
  • Treating anemia.
  • Used to treat some cases of breast cancer
  • For treatment of hereditary angioedema

Doesn’t sell controlled substance:
Since GNC is not a medical institution. Nor affiliated with it or even a pharmacy for that matter they are not permitted to sell controlled substances.  Nor will they ever be. They had built the company from the ground up to prove that people can be healthy and fit all at the same time. Without the need to take a controlled substance and by using the product they sell and carry.

They sell steroids though: But you ought to know by now that not all steroids are illegal. These steroids are considered alternatives to the illegal steroids. They mimic steroid like effects thus making them good to use and the mere fact that they are safer makes them the better option if you even plan to take it longer than normal. Here are some examples:

  • GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX
  • Growth Factor 9
  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer
  • APE Alpha Performance Enhancer
  • HGH Dopa
  • Testosterone Boosters
  • Nugenix
  • HGH Releasers

Effectivity of alternatives:
Legal supplements for bodybuilders are effective but this will be determined by the drug tolerance of the user. Drug tolerance can be defined as the amount of drug that a person needs to take in order to reach the desired effects. It’s like drinking alcohol, if you tasted alcohol for the first time one bottle or two will get you drunk. As you get used to drinking alcohol, your tolerance increases and it will take 5-10 bottles just to put you down.

Considering alternatives as an option: The strength or the potency might be in question since most alternatives are not that potent versus the illegal ones like Dbol. But if safety is your concern and you’re not in a hurry to get buff the alternatives are a great option. There is no denying of their effectively, it would just be up to you if you will be satisfied with the effects that these drugs have versus the illegal ones.

GNC has been one of the known fitness stores globally. Their selections of food supplements and alternative drugs make most fitness and sports-minded people drool on the selections being offered by this store. It’s a one-stop shop for all fitness that people go to if they need a certain product that isn't usually brought in the fitness stores.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Many people are unaware of marketing practices on YouTube, even many of your favorite youtubers may not know them as well. They offer a% of their income to their partners in exchange for being in charge of the representation and marketing of the channel / videos. This has become the easy way to increase visits on YouTube. 

Buy views on YouTube improves the positioning?

Many people leave shortly after starting to upload videos to YouTube, this has multiple reasons, but usually it is reduced to their videos do not exceed 100 visits and after the time begins the discouragement is normal. Every day the competition is greater, every day more companies use strategies such as buying visits on YouTube to raise the ranking of their associates and, therefore, for those who arrive "late", it is more difficult to position them above others who already have a extensive base of subscribers. There are also services to buy YouTube subscribers, even buy Youtube comments.

This difficulty lies in the fact that marketing companies know the algorithm that Google applies to YouTube and therefore increasing visits to them is relatively easy. You might need a subscribertrain!

YouTube takes into account many parameters, but the main ones, which have a greater impact when positioning the videos are:
  • Number of visits of the video
  • Percentage (%) of the total reproduced
  • Number of likes of the video
  • List of comments with visits

The time that a video plays seems to be one of the values ​​most taken into account to position the videos when a search is made, followed by the likes of the video. All this makes buying likes on YouTube is a very attractive option for marketing companies, but also for individuals who start buying visits on YouTube in order to position and get more traffic from the searches. Most clients marketing agencies, although more and more people want to become the next fashion youtuber and go to buy visits to try to grow their channel and go from being an entertainment to being a company. We must not forget that many people have started living from uploading videos to YouTube, so getting visits for their videos is an investment. Although you can qualify the practice of buying YouTube visits as aggressive, the fact is that you will inevitably get new users who will see your video along with the% of viewing time.

YouTube will update your ranking.

Therefore, despite being able to increase visits on YouTube by these means, the quality of the video is the main value that will make your video can achieve success. If it is good, you will maintain the viewing percentage and also increase the number of followers of your channel.

How is it different from buying followers on Twitter?

We have already read many news of how Twitter followers are bought by simple appearance. Now we have the case of visits on YouTube. The youtubers, directly or indirectly, and without needing to be big youtubers, come to buy visits on YouTube for the simple fact that it is a future investment in the channel. Obtaining visits means improving the positioning of videos and improving this positioning means that when users search, their videos take priority over the rest of the ranking. The difference we have is clear: while buying Twitter followers only gives appearance to our profile, buying views for YouTube, by increasing visits, will position us above our competitors.

Thursday 16 November 2017

In the last decade, the medical field has been able to achieve far-reaching advancements. As a result of that, the elderly can live more comfortably and the quality of life for them can be enhanced to a great extent.

Thanks to medical devices, many elderlies, today, can lead a more or less independent life in the comfort of their home. But for that, you should ensure that the caregivers and the family members are thoroughly acquainted with the operation of the apparatus, as otherwise the purpose of the tool may not be served and in the process, can adversely affect the patient.

This is true for each day, but it is absolutely imperative at the time of power outage. Medical equipment pieces help to restore life, but keeping them in the powered up mode and in great working condition are something that you cannot do without.

Some of the aged people depend on more than one tool that can make it even more complicated to cope up during power outage.
The following information must be made available to everyone who will be operating this.
  • Name of the device manufacturer
  • The supplies required for proper functioning like filter, tubing and batteries
  • Supplier of the device – pharmacy, company, healthcare provider, DME company
  • Directions to keep it fully charged in case of power outage and if backup battery is included
  • Instructions to clean it thoroughly

Gaining the Required Knowledge
If the medical equipment pieces are required at home and if they need electricity, then the caregivers must ensure that they have the apt knowledge. The answers to the following questions should be clear to the member of the household as well as the caregivers. 
  • If there is an electrical power surge, should the devices be connected to a surge protector to prevent danger?
  • Will a power surge make it stop operating or hurt its proper operation?
  • Without harming its safety or deteriorating its functions, can the medical device be connected to another power source?
  • How long will the backup power source (if there is any for the device) run the equipment? Will regular batteries be sufficient? If so what type and how many will be required?
  • In case, the equipment starts to malfunction, are there other supplies that are required and are available just at home for direct use? Just in case supplies are needed, minimum 3 days of supplies should be kept at hand.
  • If the equipment stops working suddenly, then what are the physical consequences of it? Should the elderly be immediately shifted to a hospital or he or she can be made to wait until it is replaced, repaired and repowered?
  • What is the number and who should be called if there is any question or doubt regarding the proper functioning of the device? What if the device fails after working hours?  What emergency number is to be called?
  • What steps to take when there is a power outage?
  • What steps not to take when there is a power outage?
The above are some of the things that all the caregivers must know the moment you have bought a medical equipment from a store of medical equipment online shopping in India for the aged member of the family. These steps will ensure that the elderly is not deprived of anything and receives the best kind of treatment and leads a comfortable life.
Deca-Durabolin has been considered as one of the most commonly and widely used steroid compounds within the last few decadesbecause ofits efficiency to provide enhanced muscle gain along with relieving joint pain and helping the immune system. The most important part of consuming Deca Durabolin is that its consumption doesn’t lead to major side effects and can improve workout recovery times. As a result of these beneficial factors it became the reason for its acceptance amongst the bodybuilding troops. The possibilities of side effects are least because of the fact that it won’t convert to estrogen in the system to that degree as compared to other steroids. It couldn’t be claimed that Deca Durabolin doesn’t lead to any of the side effects but it could be said that its consumption is followed by least side effects. The standard dosage cycle for Deca Durabolin for effective result shall consist of at least 12 weeks consistently. It could also be consumed by combining it with other testosterone so as to drop the natural production of testosterone in the body. Once you’ve started with the Deca cycle, it is advised to take testosterone consistently.

Deca Durabolin has a brand name of with an injectable steroid called Nandrolone decanoate.This particular steroid was established instantly with the view of commercial steroids and became available in 1962 as a prescription medication. By the term a prescription medication, it means it could only be obtained by the presentment of a valid prescription. As Deca Durabolin is considered as a controlled substance, any other means of obtaining the drug would be considered as an illegal offence which could further lead to penalty, or imprisonment, or both. There are some online vendors who claim that they offer real Deca for sale without the requirement of prescription. It must be noted that there’s no such means as it is considered as a controlled substance.

It is possible that such steroids are made available in the black markets by developing it in underground labs. Such practices are illegal and punishable under the steroid laws. It is also possible that their products are not comprised of proper combination of ingredients which could be proved harmful for your health. It has gained a reputation for exhibiting some favourable properties as its chemical structure is very close to the chemical structure of testosterone, just lacking in a single carbon atom located at the 19th position, which has earned it the name “19-nortestosterone”. This is the reason why Deca provides a much milder androgenic effect than testosterone does. Consolidating the above benefits and the way it can improve workout recovery times, Deca Durabolin is considered as highly preferred steroid amongst the body building troops.

It is not considered much effective when it comes to building muscle but could alternatively be noticed as a result of enhanced performance. It is more favourable for long duration cycles because of its slow acting and a fairly mild steroid. The muscle weight gain taking Deca is insignificant as compared to other forms of anabolic stroids.

Tuesday 31 October 2017

The internet is termed to be a powerful medium that has been offering users across the globe with fabulous opportunities to make money. There are indeed several investment platforms to be availed over the web that is not only safe, but also helps the investor to secure his future. Online stock trading is really exciting for many and the lure of profits is what has been drawing new investors to this particular medium in huge numbers. But, before entering the domain that is filled with risks, it is necessary to know about the basics of online investment in stock trading. It has become much easier to trade online, when compared to offline trading. This is because, the reputed stock brokers have been offering easy to use software platforms that are effortless to understand even for those who are not computer savvy. Learning and playing in this volatile market has become quite simple now. The person can simply relax and invest online and enjoy huge profits.

Benefits of online trading

One major advantage to be derived from online investment is that it does offer thousands of sources from where the aspiring investor can get useful tips and information with regards to online investment. Beginners are required to get these tips, so that they are able to select the right options online and move ahead with their investments. Moreover, they are offered with the Lowest Brokerage in India, which in turn can help the person to save a good amount of money in the process.

Basic rules to be followed

To trade online successfully,  the aspiring trader is required to follow certain rules. Firstly, he is to sign up with a reputed online broking company and have a trading account of his own. An investment platform will be offered by the broker to trade shares from the comfort of the computer or laptop. The online brokers also will offer their clients with premium services such as information, free tips, tools, etc. to help boost the individual’s online investing career. At the same time, it is necessary for the person to undertake thorough research, so as to have a basic understanding of online broking. Also, there is a need to hire the services of brokers having reliable history, as well as those offering competitive services with affordable commissions. Moreover, they need to provide an online platform that is completely secured and ensure that all personal information of the user is confidential.

The beginner should not rush with his investments. Rather, he need to take adequate time to understand the different share trading terminologies, identify the minimum budget that he can safely invest and make the correct decision. This way, the unnecessary hassles and risks of losing money, mind and confidence can be minimized or eliminated. According to the industry experts, getting to know the right process is very much crucial to achieve success in this type of market, where the risk element is very high. Making investment in small packages will help to monitor easily the buys and to reduce the involved risks.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Many men and women in recent times listen to every option for enhancing their health, fitness and wealth within a short period. If you have understood your steroid shopping requirements at this time, then you can directly get in touch with Alpha Pharma Steroids on online. You will get the complete assistance and fulfil overall expectations on the easiest way to find out and purchase the right steroid.
Listeners to details about the Alpha pharma steroids authentication nowadays seek further details and how to discuss with dedicated staff in this online supplier of steroids. There are many offices of this company in India. You can get in touch with nearby office or official website of this company on the move. You will get the prompt assistance from friendly and qualified staff as expected. You will find out and buy the most suitable anabolic steroid designed to support users become strong and energetic without negative side effects.

Different steroids and performance enhancing drugs

Alpha Pharma Steroids is one stop destination on online to get high quality yet affordable steroids and drugs designed to enhance the overall performance. Once you have contacted this reliable shop on online, you can get an immediate assistance from experts in this competitive industry. You will get more than expected assistance to choose and buy an appropriate steroid after a comprehensive analysis of a list of options.

Readers of reviews of this online supplier of steroids these days clarify their doubts and gain knowledge of how to fulfil their steroid shopping requirements on the whole. They can directly make contact with this company and begin their step to buy one of the following products based on their requirements.
  • ·         Oral steroids
  • ·         Human growth hormone supplements
  • ·         Sex stimulants
  • ·         Products associated with the bodybuilding and athletic performance improvement

Fulfil your fitness requirements

Many men nowadays spend more than a few hours a day in the fitness center and pay attention to easy to follow guidelines for enhancing the overall physical appearance. If they search for the smart approach to find out affordable yet premium products related to the fitness, then they can look at the Alpha pharma steroids authentication on online. They will get the most expected assistance and fulfil wishes about how to buy and use the best fitness product.

It is too difficult to get the most expected fitness within a week. You have to understand this fact and begin your step for the best steroid shopping. You will get the most excellent assistance from well experienced and dedicated personnel in the Alpha Pharma Steroids soon after you make contact with this company. Crystal clear images and descriptions of overall products available for sale in this mobile compatible and user-friendly shop on online these days satisfy every new visitor and regular customer. The most secure payment system and quick delivery facilities encourage almost every customer of this company to recommend it to others. A good combination of active ingredients in every product nowadays makes every customer of this online steroid supplier satisfied.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Malaysia has come a long way. From being a small, unknown country, it has transformed itself into a leading financial and trade center in Asia. With development comes the inevitable boost in tourism. The rich culture, unique cuisine and friendly people are only a few reasons why Malaysia has seen such a sharp increase in tourism over the years. In this article, we focus on the country’s bustling capital city, Kuala Lumpur!

Another big reason why Malaysia’s tourist industry is doing so well is that the country is not overly priced. For westerners, it is considered the ideal place for an economical holiday. You can get a cheap airline booking  anytime of the year but the deals get sweeter during the off season. Once you have made a cheap airline booking, you have no other major expenses to worry about. Kuala Lumpur can be discovered in as little as $100 per day and even less. How cool is that?

Weather Conditions
Weather remains hot and humid all year round in Kuala Lumpur but definitely is not unbearable. All the indoors are normally fully air-conditioned. Outdoors is not too bad either. It gets pretty good if it rains. So yes, a big plus about Kuala Lumpur is that you can visit pretty much anytime of the year.

The Best Shopping Spots
You can find plenty of great shopping in a big and urban city like Kuala Lumpur. But not every spot is worth the visit. We recommend that you visit Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Central Market Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square, Suria KLCC, Fahrenheit88, The Gardens Mall and Sunway Putra Mall.

The Top Tourist destinations
1. Genting Highlands
A trip to Malaysia is incomplete if you don’t visiting this famous hill resort that boasts stunning sceneries, great malls, mountains and cable cars.

2. Petronas Towers
We have all seen someone get a selfie with the Burj Khalifa in the background. Basically Petronas Towers are the Burj Khalifa of Malaysia. The iconic twin towers are the tallest twin towers of the world.

3. Batu Caves
Caves and caves temples are always intriguing, which is why Batu caves are a top tourist attraction in not only Malaysia but all of Asia. Many Hindu festivals are held here and the place is bustling with people all year round.

4. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
Connecting with nature and wildlife is always a wonderful experience. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park houses countless species of birds, some of which are truly a sight to behold. Within the park is a lake and all around are wonderful gardens that feature some amazing plants.

5. National Mosque of Malaysia
Since Malaysia is an Islamic country, it is naturally home to some pretty amazing mosques. The mosque that garners most attention is the National Mosque of Malaysia. Amidst the gardens stands this beautiful and serene mosque. Its architecture and interior is a source of wonder for all tourists.

Thursday 28 September 2017

There are many people who literally crave to go to a country like Canada. They want to live their future there. But, is that so easy? Do you think you can do that right away? Well, whatever be the case, getting a visa is not a cake walk. You have to be careful about this aspect. You know, there are various academics and people who fear and wary the procedure of applying for Visas.   It might interest you that many individuals even heard horror tales about unpleasant experiences, rejected applications and delays.

Well, do you think that such stories shed a true light on reality of applying for a visitor’s visa in this present era?  Actually, getting a Visitor visa for Canada from India is not really challenging if you know what is to be done. If you are just doing the conjecture thing or taking the visa easily, you might end up with upsetting outcomes.

A big Concern
You know when any immigration officer is [proceeding visa application, he actually has one huge question in his mind. he thinks if this applicant is going to back to his home country after he has completed his visit to Canada? It is something that is the main concern mainly when the candidate is from underdeveloped or developing   countries. It is because several of the visitors from such countries don’t really go back.

Can you convince the Officer?
Do you think that you can convince the officer that you are a real visitor who is going to play by the rules? Well, many factors are there that might help you to succeed. The foremost factor is going to be to show you have a firm establishment in your nation. It encompasses your employment stability, assets you possess,any educational institution attendance if that is applicable to you,and marital status, kids and family, and any other type of responsibilities that demand your return to home country. The more you display the better chance you are going to get to convince an officer.

A Reason
Next important factor is related to clearance about your visit. You have to give a clear reason of your visit.  You have to mention why you are going to visit Canada. Is it a family celebration or any emergency in family or business related matter or just a pleasure visit? These things have to be clear by you.

If you want, you can include your invitation letter, accommodation arrangement, and documents like arranged registration so as to authenticate your client.  The bottom line is to try to encompass as much evidence as possible. The factor three is going to be your financial arrangement. In case there is no evidence of adequate funds for your visit, it is unfortunate but your application is probable to get rejected.  So you must show adequate funds available for your visit, no matter who is going to cover the cost.

Thus, your chances of getting a visa for visiting Canada are high once you have these points in mind!

With the invention of the telephone, the world entered into a new age of communication where one was made able to talk to the opposite person directly. However, there were some restrictions here which got removed with the launching of the cell phones where one can talk to another even if he is moving. Not only that; one can also send a small message with the help of SMS by a cell phone. Adding some more features to the cell phone, came the smartphone with the help of which the user can do a lot many tasks. One can also take images and video clips as well as use a number of applications for different types of communication. Understanding the consistently increasing demand in the market, many corporate companies started production of these devices. One of such leading brand is Oppo. 

Yet another Chinese brand, Oppo is a firm based in the Guangdong province which was first in 2004. It is one of the newest brands in the market but is slowly attracting its own user base. The Oppo phones are well known for their camera features and are especially promoted and marketed as selfie phones. The new R 11, which is speculated to release in Dec 2017, is the fourth phone in order of the R series with the previous ones being R5, R7, and R9. This phone has the most advanced features, and if you are looking for a camera phone, then this might be just the perfect phone for you.

Before deciding on which phone to invest in it is imperative to know and weigh your choices. If you have a fixed budget rate and you are unsure about which phone to buy then a detailed list of features along with verdicts and ratings might help to make up your mind. For such assistance feel free to visit 91mobiles.com.

Display and Screen

The Oppo R11 Plus possesses an AMOLED display screen of 6 inches which is full HD. The pixel density of the phone is 367 pixels per inches. The full HD quality of the screen renders an immaculate display and is a treat to the user’s eyes. For the users who love to use a device with a large screen can go for this device. One can enjoy a better quality of images and videos on this screen due to better screen resolution.


The phone runs on Android V7.1.1 Nougat operating system. It has an Octa-core processor (2.2 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 260 + 1.84 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 260) which is set on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset. The phone has an Adreno 512 graphics card and a 6 GB RAM. The high-performing RAM helps the user to run multiple applications on the phone without any lagging and also play high definition games without any sort of hindrance.  With the high-quality processor and huge RAM, one can enjoy the best of the speed of the interface.


In this era, the device with a better camera is only known as a modern device. Knowing this the brand has offered best of the camera result on this device which one can see as a part of images as well as video clip resolution. This smartphone has a dual primary camera of 20 MP + 16 MP and a front camera of 20 MP. It also consists of LED flash which can be used in low light conditions. It is capable of capturing an image up to a resolution of 5,160 x 3,872 pixels. Apart from that, it features a range of other options such as digital zoom, optical zoom, auto flash, phase detection autofocus and touch to focus. It supports 4K video recording along with HD 1080p video recording. Needless to say, this phone is a photographer’s paradise. It is not only a typical selfie phone but can be used by people who are into phone photography.

Battery and Storage

The Oppo R11Plus derives its power from a 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery which is non-removable. The battery comes with a fast charging charger which can charge the phone in no time. The long-lasting battery on this device proves much helpful to each type of users irrespective of the usage.
The internal memory space of the phone is 64 GB which can be expanded via a micro-SD card up to 256 GB. This space is enough for one to save the high definition images and lots of media files. The huge storage proves much supportive for those who need to store songs, images and video clips as well as movies on the device.

Connectivity Options

The phone consists of a dual SIM slot which supports NANO SIM cards. One of the SIM slots is hybrid and thus can be used for SD cards as well. Both the SIM slots support 2G, 3G, and 4G network connections and there are other connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, GPS with a GPS Glonass and micro USB 2.0 port. Various options provided on the device makes it easy to move the files to different devices.


The phone is expected to release at the end of this month, and hence the expected price of the phone is 35,990 INR. It falls in between a medium range and high price range phone and will be a good choice if you are looking for specific features in a phone.


The device Oppo R11 Plus is an upgraded version of the previous Oppo R11. It contains a number of features which can help you make the decision of whether to buy the phone or not. Needless to say, this phone is a photographer’s phone and can compete with any high-quality camera pictures. With the RAM and the battery backup playing games in this phone is also a treat, and one can enjoy long hours of video calling as well. Thus, if you are willing to spend this much amount, then the new upcoming OPPO R11 Plus is definitely worth the wait.