Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to Care for Home Medical Equipment?

In the last decade, the medical field has been able to achieve far-reaching advancements. As a result of that, the elderly can live more comfortably and the quality of life for them can be enhanced to a great extent.

Thanks to medical devices, many elderlies, today, can lead a more or less independent life in the comfort of their home. But for that, you should ensure that the caregivers and the family members are thoroughly acquainted with the operation of the apparatus, as otherwise the purpose of the tool may not be served and in the process, can adversely affect the patient.

This is true for each day, but it is absolutely imperative at the time of power outage. Medical equipment pieces help to restore life, but keeping them in the powered up mode and in great working condition are something that you cannot do without.

Some of the aged people depend on more than one tool that can make it even more complicated to cope up during power outage.
The following information must be made available to everyone who will be operating this.
  • Name of the device manufacturer
  • The supplies required for proper functioning like filter, tubing and batteries
  • Supplier of the device – pharmacy, company, healthcare provider, DME company
  • Directions to keep it fully charged in case of power outage and if backup battery is included
  • Instructions to clean it thoroughly

Gaining the Required Knowledge
If the medical equipment pieces are required at home and if they need electricity, then the caregivers must ensure that they have the apt knowledge. The answers to the following questions should be clear to the member of the household as well as the caregivers. 
  • If there is an electrical power surge, should the devices be connected to a surge protector to prevent danger?
  • Will a power surge make it stop operating or hurt its proper operation?
  • Without harming its safety or deteriorating its functions, can the medical device be connected to another power source?
  • How long will the backup power source (if there is any for the device) run the equipment? Will regular batteries be sufficient? If so what type and how many will be required?
  • In case, the equipment starts to malfunction, are there other supplies that are required and are available just at home for direct use? Just in case supplies are needed, minimum 3 days of supplies should be kept at hand.
  • If the equipment stops working suddenly, then what are the physical consequences of it? Should the elderly be immediately shifted to a hospital or he or she can be made to wait until it is replaced, repaired and repowered?
  • What is the number and who should be called if there is any question or doubt regarding the proper functioning of the device? What if the device fails after working hours?  What emergency number is to be called?
  • What steps to take when there is a power outage?
  • What steps not to take when there is a power outage?
The above are some of the things that all the caregivers must know the moment you have bought a medical equipment from a store of medical equipment online shopping in India for the aged member of the family. These steps will ensure that the elderly is not deprived of anything and receives the best kind of treatment and leads a comfortable life.


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