Thursday 29 December 2016

Everyone experiences a sense of thrill when they see a tent or hear someone mention a tent. The reason is that we associate tents either with camping, an adventurous pastime by itself, or with celebrations and anniversaries. And who does not like to take part in such an event?

Tents for celebrations
During festive times, the organizers will need to calculate the size of the tents so they can keep control of the crowd. As a rule of thumb, you will need 3,542 square feet of space for 400 people. The size of the tent is 40 x 90 feet. This is for the cocktail party with a cocktail table and serving area.

On the minimal end of the scale, for arranging an event for 100 people without dancing or cocktail tables, you need 1281 square feet space. This calls for a 35 x 40 feet tent. You see, about 9 - 12 people will fit comfortably under the tent for every square foot. But what about the camping tents? How do we know which one will suit us?

Tents for travel
You see luxury resort tents put up at prominent picnic spots and places that have something for the tourists. Though these tents are not permanent, they have the semblance of solidity. They have comfort and modern conveniences including a flushing bathroom and sit-out in front of the tents.

People who like to travel all over the world buy their own tents and ‘backpack’ as the definition goes. This means they move from one campsite to another exploring and setting up camp or living in tents set up by other campsite promoters. The thrill of sleeping and awakening in the open countryside to the call of the morning bird is a unique experience.

Different types of tents
You can get a variety of tents from the resort tent manufacturer and campsite promoter. These are single pointed, two pointed or four pointed with wooden floors. The remarkable thing about them is the perfection in the windows and doors that one sees in the walls of this tent.

The durable aluminium frames support them well in the high-density polymer wall. Each of the windows has a mosquito screen to help prevent the insects from getting in.

Choice of support
The single point tent refers to the one-pole support for the roof of the tent. Two point tents have two poles to support the roof. If you want more space, you opt for more supports for your tent. The rooms are 14 feet by 12 feet which means that you have space to put in a master bed or two single beds. You can even fit a small dressing table.

Many tourists prefer air conditioning. The interiors have a tasteful decor in pastels and light colours. Lights with a modern touch adorn the walls to create the ambience you need to relax.

There you see the two sides of the tent space and how people enjoy them. This word tent thus is almost synonymous with enjoyment though this is subject to debate. But, if you want to go, then there is always the tent to help you travel.