Sunday 22 January 2017

Advancement in Spy Apps – How to Protect Your Smartphone

A few decades ago, Hollywood released a movie that depicted 2013 as the “future”. It featured things like flying cars and skyscrapers that nearly touched the sky and neon light everywhere the eyes could see with robots fulfilling all of our wills and whims. It is 2016 now and the take that sci-fi thriller had on our world been not that far off from the truth, except for the fashions of course. We haven’t yet turned into the fashionistas that can put the people from the Capitol in “The Hunger Games” Trilogy to shame.

The thing to remember here is we all knew the world was advancing. In nature we call a phenomenon like this “evolution” while in tech terms it is known as plain old “Advancement”. It is human nature to think that evolution or advancement happens purely to make our lives easier, but that does not hold true in some cases.

With smartphones becoming less of an electronic device and more of an extension of our limbs, it is quite hard for people to even comprehend a life without them. Unfortunately, people with nefarious intentions have come up with ways to monitor or rather spy on people they want to, using their smartphone. With time, as technology and smartphones are evolving for the better, so are spy apps. The thing worth mentioning here would be that this advancement in spy apps is, more often than not, not being used for the well being of people but to stalk and harm them, even thought they were basically created with the intention of protecting people and personal belongings when they were out of sight.

The only way out of a situation like this is to create ways that would guarantee your safety at all times is to take your safety into your own hands and here are a few ways as to how. 

Never Leave Your Phone Unattended

Loosing track of your belongings when you are at a party or a social event is truly an easy thing to happen. Since such events provide stalkers with a unique opportunity to invade into your life a bit more. Therefore, the best thing to do in circumstances like these would be to always keep an eye on your phone and never leave it unattended wherever you may be. Additionally, make sure that your phone is set to lock automatically and prevents the off-hand chance of someone finding it unlocked and exploiting your privacy.

Lock Your Phone

The easiest step to protect your smartphone from spy app is by locking it using a good password. Some people don’t take this threat seriously and refuse to make use of this very basic feature offered by smartphone manufacturers yet they do not know it can play a crucial role in protecting their privacy, both with or without having spy apps discreetly installed onto your smartphones. Using this feature you can take your privacy up a notch by installing password management apps and various other phone locking apps to give your device an extra layer of privacy.

Avoid Jailbreaking and Rooting Your Phone

We all understand what charm a rooted or jailbroken device holds in the life of a teenager who are then able to install games they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise if their device was non-jailbroken or unrooted.  Yet, at the same time most spy apps in the market need the device to be rooted or jailbroken for the spy app to be installed onto it. Now as you know rooting and jailbreaking a smartphone is a delicate and lengthy process and is not reversible. Thus a person would refrain from installing spy app onto your device if it is going to take him a whole lot longer than he initially imagined, thus he would rather not do it than be caught manhandling your cellphone.

Trust No One With Your Phone

The tragedy about the world that we live in is that no one here can be trusted. Thus, in times like these, entrusting even you best friend with your smartphone may eventually turn out to be a huge mistake. They could be an enemy in the guise of a friend who is looking for a chance to harm you in any way possible. Thus, never ever trust anyone with your phone.

The Bottom Line

We are aware of the fact that how scary of thing advancement in something with the nature of the likes of spy apps can be, yet it is inevitable. When it may harm some, it benefits many as well who applaud this advancement. Thus, there is no away around it and we should take this advancement in a stride and take our protection in our own hands.

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