Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tips to be adhered to for a successful knee replacement surgery

What is a knee replacement surgery? When the knees get damage due to a disease or injury, then the knee joints that perform day to day activities are in a critical stage. Pain along with other forms of discomfort is common in most cases. When non-surgical methods fail to yield the desired results, then doctors may recommend a surgical procedure for last lasting results. In a way it is a total resurfacing procedure and not a total replacement of your knee.

Steps as part of this procedure
  1. ·         The joint bone is prepared- first and foremost the damaged cartilage is removed and the bone which ends from the fibula and the tibia with the considerations of a healthy bone.
  2. ·         Implant positioning- Over the prepared bone surfaces (joints) the metal implants are used. This could be achieved by the process of cementing or press fit implants could be adopted
  3. ·         Patellar resurfacing- here cutting along with resurfacing of the kneecap takes place with the aid of a plastic button. It is not recommended in all the cases
  4. ·         Inserting spacer- a plastic implant in a disc like module is embedded between the metal components in the patella.
  5. These are the four main procedures involved in a knee replacement surgery. A point to consider is that after the surgery the post recovery instructions has a final say on the success or failure of this surgery.

Post recovery methods?

The surgeon is going to educate you about the pros along with cons of this surgery. Though every possible precaution is being taken so that the patient does not suffer any form of complications after the surgery. Possible risks would include, blood clot, infections after a surgery. These are the standard protocols to be followed for a successful knee replacement surgery to take place.


It is suggested that you get treated by a quality physiotherapist that will light on your budget. An experienced person will restore the movement along with strength in the deceased knee.

Visit within 24 hours

The first few hours after a surgery is important as the medical staff will ensure that you do become mobile as soon as possible. It is pretty common that a patient stands on its feet just 24 hours after a surgery.

Walking aids

Just after a surgery, when you are not able to move, the doctor will advise you to use the help of walking sticks. In some hospitals temporary braces are also being used where extensive damaged to the knee joints have taken place.

The cost of Knee replacement in India works out to be economical when you compare it with the standard countries of the world. Most of the hospitals have standard facilities that could be compared to the best in the world.  It would be worthwhile to consider knee surgery cost in India with the western hubs and you are going to make consider amount in terms of savings.

So rush to India for this surgery at the earliest!

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