Sunday, 30 August 2020

Virtual Office: A holistic business concept

 A virtual office Boca Raton is a theme that enables employees and business owners to work remotely by providing a reach of business functions via internet. It gives business owners all the gains of a physical office without the expense of renting out an actual office. The concept has become a popular workspace solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home but want to have a business address for their company. A virtual business address can help to add credibility to a business, which makes it easier to draw in potential clients.


The concept of virtual office actually came across in early 1980’s but has changed over the decades with the emerging technology. A virtual office of 1980 included a fax service, whereas now this has been replaced with a printer and scanner to aid email services. According to a blog published in 1982, a journalist named John Markoff coined the term virtual office. Markoff stated that a virtual office would be built around a portable personal computer and local area network that would expand working horizons efficiently. He also mentioned that in the near future, using virtual offices employees will no longer be bounded to a computer system or to any geographic location. They would be free to move while communicating information using the right tools. The physical offices may not be required to have that centralized control of the business activities.Eventually, the first virtual office was precisely installed in 1989 by Ralph Gregory in Boulder, Colorado.


A virtual office Boca Raton allow different verticals of a business to operate as a single unit having a physical mailing address, but does not exist in one specific location.The evolution of tools like videoconferencing and messaging services has led to the increased usage of the offices operating virtually.The costs of operating a virtual office are way lesser than a traditional office, which is the major reason this type of set up is booming among small businesses and start ups. It facilitates businesses by providing:

  • A dedicated calling number for business.
  • A professional live receptionist to answer calls on the behalf of your business.
  • Corporate address for mailing.
  • A specific fax number for business.
  • Voice mail services for your clients

A virtual office Boca Raton has the following key benefits:

  • It helps in saving time on commuting, thus you and your employees can focus more on the work at hand.
  • It reduces expenses of costly office lease. Also, enables you to save money on secondary business expenses like kitchen inventory or stationary.
  • It allows you to capitalize on the available talent pool.
  • It enhances productivity of staff. Having the flexibility to work remotely will not only lead to a better work-life balance for your team, but also has a great impact on overall business productivity,which is surely a win-win situation.


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