Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Purchasing an Air Conditioner

The summers are already hitting us hard draining us completely out of our energies leaving us tired and restless. In a country like India having an extreme climate it is crucial for us to find out a permanent solution to get rid of this scorching heat and this is where an Air Conditioner comes into the frame. It is now time to wave a goodbye to those hot and humid sleepless nights and welcome the delighting experience of the cool breeze of an air conditioner. Purchasing an air conditioner is not rocket science but is no less than that because it is very easy for anyone to get carried away with those fancy technical terms that you come across in the process of selecting the right air conditioner for yourself. To ease your Air Conditioner purchasing experience here are some key points that you need to keep in mind before placing your hand on one:

Consider your room space
It is very significant to consider the room size before deciding the capacity of your Air Conditioner before buying because the capacity of the room should be directly related to the capacity of the Air Conditioner. If you buy and Air Conditioner with a capacity lower than the requirements of the room then it will consume a lot of energy to provide the desired cooling hiking your electricity bills and if you buy an Air Conditioner with a capacity higher than the requirements of the room then you will end up paying more for the purchase which is a total waste. So first you need to find out your room size and then continue with the purchasing process. You should go for 0.8ton for a 100 sq. feet room, 1.0 ton for 150 sq. feet room, 1.5 ton for a 250 sq. feet room and so on.

Find out the energy efficiency
This is one of the key factors that you should never skip while making up your mind on which Air Conditioner to purchase. Energy efficiency of an Air Conditioner Price in India is measured in terms of its star ratings, the higher the star ratings the more efficient your Air Conditioner is. Air Conditioners are appliances that emit a lot of heat hence it is very important to choose an energy efficient appliance in order to lower your electricity bills.

Keep an eye on the cooling capacity
Cooling capacity is the ability of an Air Conditioner to cool any space and it is measured in terms of British Thermal Units (BTU). So before taking any decision check the BTU of the appliance, the higher the BTU the more is the cooling power of the Air Conditioner. But one important thing to keep in consideration is that the BTU should be in accordance to space you will fit the appliance in. For example, if you want to fit the Air Conditioner in your living room then you need not opt for a very high cooling appliance.

Checking installation requirements
It is necessary to consider all the installation requirements before making a purchase in order to save yourself from the installation troubles later. Like if you want to buy a window air conditioner price in India then you should find the best window for its installation if the room has multiple windows and check if the window is in accordance to the size of the air conditioner. If you want to buy a split air conditioner then you should determine the wall on which it should be installed in order to gain maximum and uniform cooling.

Make sure you don’t get stuck with any technical terms and keep these points in mind while you are going through the selection process and buy the best Air Conditioner which is the most suitable, affordable and efficient for you.


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