Tuesday, 6 June 2017

3 Cleaning Myths and the Truth you must know

With tons of popular cleaning technique that are being globally practiced, did you have any idea that few of them are simply no more than myths? For sure, our knowledge about health and technological advancements have grown leaps and bounds but how about cleaning. People use some cleaning tools. Techniques and even solutions like stainless steel cleaner etc. that are a part of these myths. This might sound a bit overwhelming but it's totally fine. So let's dig in to discover these myths and the truth conversely;

More Soap = Cleaner Clothes
Soaps, which is considered to be the best solutions for cleaning solution, is actually not so. People who don’t have enough idea about proper cleaning methods often use soap for regular cleaning. In fact, their extra detergent that cannot be removed after a normal rinse cycle, build up on over the fabric. Most of the laundry items are trapping your dead skin, oil, and sweat in the fabric, which causes mold and mildew to build up in the clothes.

Furthermore, the branded detergents are often really difficult to remove in a single rinse cycle due to which many have to run more than one rinse cycle that's difficult to remove. Consequently, it wastes water, energy and time.

Bleach is a Cleaner? Not Really
Honestly, bleach has nothing to do with removing dirt. In fact, it doesn't even contain the surfactants that are used to remove dirt, grime and soil even. Therefore, the bleach is not meant for cleaning. If it's not a clean, what it is then? Nice question! Well, this is actually a stain lightener that makes things look cleaner. Moreover, it's also a disinfectant that's used to kill some mold and bacteria. Ironically, bleach is strong enough to kill mold that is on hard and non-porous surface like kitchen countertops, bathroom tubs and etc.

Note: Make sure that you don't consider bleach if you are looking for some useful stainless steel cleaner.

Vinegar is an Effective Cleaner? Ambiguous
Obviously, vinegar is one of the most effective cleaners that can eradicate the dirt within few minutes. That’s what people think, let’s check out the reality now;

Vinegar is surely a natural reducer of certain bacteria but is not effective in removing soil and dirt. As per the test held in 1994 by the Journal of Environmental Health, Vinegar is more effective in reducing microbial contamination is least effective in removing soil. Therefore, it's not essential to consider vinegar as the one man army.

Note: In case you are looking for the best cleaning solution for your stainless steel appliance, you can use the vinegar as it’s an effective stainless steel cleaner. There are some bacteria that are usually very stubborn to leave the surface; vinegar can be your great helping hand at that moment.

Having you been doing some cleaning practices that you consider to be right but are actually no more than myths? Just read this article and discover these myths.


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