Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Car tyre brands: 4 ways to select the right pair per use

It is obvious that tyres are important for a vehicle being the only source of contact with the road as well as having a certain impact on overall driving comfort, grip, braking, handling and fuel economy. Choosing among the right car tyre brands is important as well as per use; that is how you’ll drive and in what condition.

For instance, racing cars require slick and smooth tyres that are a composite of high-performance compound providing optimum traction, manoeuvrability and dry race track. On the contrary, rocky and sandy terrains require different tyre with variation in tread depth.

It’s impractical for a passenger vehicle to change tyres only on weather conditions or type of surface so there must be a compromising aspect to find the safest treat and balance of compound. When replacing the tyres, professional consultancy is a must so as to get the best of car tyre brands and features.

Another approach is replacing the tyres similar to those already hooked to the vehicle bearing standard equipment as well. This is because automobile engineers would only select appropriate design and production standard.
Here’re a few things that affect overall decision making process;

1. Urban driving
If you mostly drive within the city, a tyre with minimum braking distance is preferred to avoid obstacles for a safer experience. Durability of vehicle’s functions and rolling efficiency or rolling resistance which is directly related to the amount of fuel conserved.

2. Freeway driving
Trekking mostly on motorways means opting for a tyre with superb high-speed braking performance for abruptly stopping in any condition! Besides this, enhanced traction to ensure safety at higher speed and comfort qualities which is for a quieter and easy driving!

3. Off-road driving
Having an off-road or a 4WD vehicle means you frequently trek on rough terrain hence a likewise tyre is required for this purpose. All-terrain tyres are excellent for off-road tracks but for serious off-road trekking means you should opt for tyres specifically built for the purpose with larger treads. Meanwhile, driving over sand like in a desert also require special tyres to ensure your vehicle won’t sink in the sand.

4. Sports driving
Owning a high-performance sports car means your driving manners would also be sporty; full of sharp twists and turns as if on a racetrack. For such purpose, you must go with car tyre brands that offer highest traction on both wet and dry surface. Make sure the tyre you choose offers excellent handling capabilities. Tread patterns and compound on such wheels boast an aggressive look however last less-longer than the normal road tyres.

While investing in good quality car tyre brands is crucial, what’s more important is purchasing the correct type to suit the vehicle, type of driving and road surface you’ll be travelling on. All of the factors discussed above would ensure you remain as safe as possible on the road, critical for yourself, your vehicle as well as other drivers on the road.

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