Monday 19 June 2017

How to Clean Hard Water Spots from Windows?

Cleaning windows might or might not be a part of your routine home cleaning schedule. Either way, it's no less than a daunting task and that task is often down the list or pushed further as a result. As per the professional Cleaning services Dubai, the hard water spots on windows are very well-known for their stubborn nature and it take a lot of effort for the cleaners to get rid of it.
In case you are ready to tackle those hard water spots and are also looking for some better solutions that help you get clean these spots in the fast and effective manner, here are few really amazing ways suggested by the reputable Cleaning services Dubai that you must try. Let's dig in further to discover more;

Vinegar Solution is Amazingly Effective
How about going natural with a simple solution. Just try out the plain white distilled vinegar and mix it with an equal amount of water. Place it in a bottle and spray the solution on glass. Make sure to spray more specifically on the spotty areas so the spot remove quickly. It would be great if you repeat the process few times to remove spots. Furthermore, it’s also helpful as well as imperative to saturate cloths in the solution before scrubbing the window.

Lemon Does Wonders --- Trust Me
Here is another solution once can easily find right in own fridge is lemon juice. Simply take a lemon and roll it side to side on a hard surface just to loosen the juice and then squeeze it into a spray water bottle. Once you are done, just shake the bottle properly so that the lemon is mixed into water properly. Simply spritz your glass and also follow up with the same scrubbing method as mentioned above. Moreover, you can also use the lemon or orange essential oils instead of the fresh lemon that adds a pleasing aroma at your place.

Toothpaste? Really!!!
Well that's quite strange but yes toothpaste helps remove the stubborn water spots. Simply apply your paste to the hard-to-remove stains and allow it to sit for over 5-40 minute. After a few minutes, just scrub lightly with the choice of towel, sponge or even brush and then simply wash off of the windows. It's essential for you to remember that you follow up with a water or some traditional solution mentioned above for best results.

Weird Science
This has not be recommended by the professional Cleaning services Dubai but some cleaners still use it. Just make a paste of baking soda and vinegar. This will form a bubbling paste that you can easily apply to the water spots. Make sure to scrub lightly to remove paste, gently wash away with water, and go ahead with some either homemade or store-bought cleaning solution to remove all remnants.

In addition, one can also Use a store-bought powdered abrasive such as Comet that can be sprinkled on the surface of choice, left to sit, and then washed off after. Also make sure that you keep these more harmful substances away from children and pets.

Cleaning stubborn water spots from the window is much easier now. So just check out the article and learn more.

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