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Visit the Best Tandoori restaurant in West Singapore to eat the best of Tandoor cooking

Tandoori preparations of food items have been in practice in Indian and are quite popular in the northern parts of India. Cooking food items like wheat bread or roti, chicken and other food items in Tandoor is healthy because it does not involve the use of oil. It keeps the calories down while providing tasty food to your palette.  If you want to know how tasty it is, you have to visit the best Tandoori restaurant in west Singapore. Now let us see what a tandoor is and how you churn out tasty foods out of it?

What is a Tandoor and how food is cooked in it?
A Tandoor is one type of oven made of clay. The most commonly used tandoors are cylindrical shaped clay oven or oven made of metal. In the Northern indian these ovens are liberally used to produce delightful food items like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, flat bread, peshwar kher, kalmi kabab and more. Types of tandoors wil include Afghan Tandoor, Armenian Tandoor, Punjabi Tandoor and Azerbaijani Tandoor. A Tandoor oven is able to generate up to 480 degrees temperature and the temperature is kept at optimum for long hours to afford efficient cooking. Charcoal or wood is used to fire up the oven and the food items are exposed to the heat by placing them inside. You are likely to witness one of those Tandoor in the best Tandoori restaurant in Singapore. It is actually a masonry oven or a makeshift oven made of earth or clay. Asian countries ranging from southern, central and western use Tandoor extensively and outh Caucasus is no exception to its use. For the rest of the world Tandoor is just an enigma.

Why Tandoori foods taste so good?
The taste of Tandoori foods is derived by the way raw food is exposed to the high heat of the Tandoor. In the oven it is hell fire and the food is cooked live without the use of water thus bringing out the original taste of the food. Tandoor cooked foods like Tandoor chicken is marinated with vinegar, lemon juice, salt and other spicy herbal masalas to bring out the best taste and flavor. Some of the top tandoori foods are tempting kebabs of beef or lamb, and pork, chicken and beef preparation in the Tandoor to be served with fresh mint sauce, onions, and sprinkle of lime juice.  The restaurants that serve tandoori food will have a variety of the above with decorative names but you can expect the results to be absolutely delightful. Tandoori preparations are always the accompaniment of beer and alcoholic drinks as they add the tinge and prickle the experience to another level.

One thing you can be sure about the Tandoori food served at the best Tandoori restaurant in Singapore is its quality and the health benefits it adds to your food. By cooking food in charcoal fire you obviously cut of the fat and bad cholesterol and it is ideal eating for people who are struggling to reduce weight but can’t leave the habit of eating meats.

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