Thursday, 18 July 2019

Methods To Help You Restore Your Marble Floors

Some Amazing Facts Related To Marble
Marble is metamorphic limestone, which is produced as a result of crystallization of limestone due to heat and pressure. Marbles are found in different colors depending on the impurities present in the rock ranging from classic creams and white to yellow, green, grey, and even pink. These are often used in building monuments, residential floors or fireplaces, and decorative items.  Marble restoration and cleaning are significant to keep its surface bright and shiny.

How To Restore Marble?
Marbles are high on durability and strength and are often used in building significant monuments and residential flooring as they are bright and reflect light. These are also attractive to look at due to different texture and colors. But these also require extensive cleaning to maintain the lustrous surface and shine in marble. Here are a few ways to help you with marble restoration and help you keep their shine intact.

Polish Marble Using Hands
This is the most traditional way to clean the marble, but the vital thing to remember is that if you are opting for this technique you need to keep in mind that the marble should be new and the strain on it are light and are easily removable. Marble cleaning by hand requires only two things that are water and soap. Use mild soapy water and sponge to clean the marble surface. While for polishing you could use baking soda and wipe off it with a dry cloth after 5 hours of its application. 

This technique of marble restoration is used for delicate marbles which could easily crack under pressure. But the method of cleaning also depends on the type of marble installed.

Using Polishing Machine To Restore Marble Surface
It is difficult to maintain the same shine and polish in marble after continuous use. These require the use of certain equipment like polishing machine to help you achieve the desired look. There are varieties of marble polishing machine available in the market. This process first requires cleaning the marble surface with mild soap and then rubbing it off with sandpaper. Then you could Use microfiber cleaning pad on the freshly cleaned surface to restore the lost shine.

Using Luster Restoration Process
It sometimes happens that even after taking care of marble it tends to lose its shine due to continuous wear and tear over time. This Marble Restoration requires polishing from high fiction diamond pad with a skilled set of hands. You could hire experts to help you with this task. There are several agencies and services available online as well as offline to help you with marble restoration. This step is generally the last step to the restoration process.

Sealing The Marble
To ensure longevity and extra shine on the marble sealing should be done once in a year. They help you to maintain the shine and luster in the marble. This step is not compulsory, but it improves the marble looks good as new and ensures longevity too.

There are several types of floors available in the market apart from marble such as granite floor, concrete floors, or natural floors that require a similar kind of cleaning process.


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