Sunday 21 July 2019

5 Tricks to buy a good quality cashmere wear

A cashmere product and a wool product are very different from each other, while the wool is obtained from sheep; the cashmere is obtained from special two types of goats. One of them is Cashmere goat, and the other is pashmina goat. Wool products are easily available. However, cashmere products are quite costly and a bit sparsely available.

Cashmere-blend products are the products which are half cashmere and half other wool material. The pure Cashmere products can be used throughout the year due to its natural properties. In winter they are eight times warmer than wool products, and in summers and springs, they provide coolness to the body. 

Cashmere blend knitwear is a mixed breed of cashmere with some other material and is trendy and fashionable that can be worn all year round. Now the question arises how to know whether the cashmere product bought is of good quality.

To buy the cashmere blend product, the main thing is a thorough knowledge about the cashmere. However, if you have to buy an original one here are five tricks that can help to buy good quality cashmere wear:

• Touch the material to feel the softness
When you go to the shop, take the cashmere product in your hands. Take, for example; you are buying a cashmere scarf or a stroll, take the stroll and rub it against your cheeks, the feel of the stroll should be extremely soft. This is the basic test as cashmere is the softest material.

• Stretch the material; it should regain the original shape.
Hold the cashmere sweater in your hand stretch it a bit and leave it; the sweater should regain its shape. If the stretched part remains to lose the cashmere sweater is not genuine. The original cashmere product will regain its shape.

• Look for sparks after rubbing the garment
This is a quite easy test. Hold the cashmere garment in both hands and rub them on each other; the original cashmere garment will not have any effect. However, if it is fake and mixed with any other wool, there are chances that the rubbing may produce static electricity and sparks. Also, after rubbing, the fake product will attract the hair and dust, whereas the original cashmere product will not affect.

• Buy the cashmere with at least two-ply
Ply is the strands that hold together the shape of the material. Ply is strands of the threads used for weaving, two-ply has two strands of thread, and three-ply has three strands of threads and so on. So look for two-ply as that’s the best quality cashmere product.

• Watch the weave carefully
The original cashmere products are hand-woven, so the weave should be uneven. The woven machine products have an even and a straight-lined weave. Hold the material in the light if you see the weave is uneven it proves that the product is genuine.

Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting product, the above tips will help you to stay away from fake ones.

The cashmere products like sweaters, shawls, jumpers, and stroll are unique, rare, and costly delicacies. So while buying them these tips can help you to buy a genuine product which will last for a very long time.


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