Thursday, 10 October 2019

Why Stain Removal Products Are So Much In Demand?

Your beautiful home does not seem quite so beautiful if there are stains on the floor, kitchen counter tops, or the washroom. You would not be happy with your stained clothes, so why should you compromise when it comes to your home. Why only your home? Your workplace or your business place should also be perfectly clean. After all, a stain can clearly distinguish from the surface and looks ugly. That is exactly why Stain Removal Products are in high demand.

How stains can be formed 
Surface stains are formed by the staining substance spilling out onto a surface and getting trapped in the pores and indentations of the surface. Another way that stains are formed can be through a chemical and molecular reaction between the surface and the staining material.  Imagine that you are running an eatery. Your clients are sure to be put off by ugly and sticky stains on the floor or the tabletops. Whatever the reason may be we would not want them there, so we go for Stain Removal Products.

In the present days, natural stones have become a popular choice for our homes or workplaces because of their beauty and durability. They are mostly used in areas of heavy usage and are therefore most likely to get stained easily. The best way to keep your place looking perfect is to use products that will easily remove the stains and keep the place sparkling clean.

Stones and stain removal products

Natural stones come in different kinds:

• Stones made from fossilized biological material or calcareous stones like limestone, marble, and travertine.
• Stones made from quartz-like particles called silica or siliceous stones like slate, granite, and sandstone.

Whether calcareous or siliceous, stains look ugly on both and they easily stain by absorbing liquids or moisture. The good news is that there are many stain removal products available in the market to keep your home looking clean. However, you need to observe some care when choosing the products. Make a note of the following:

 On calcareous stones, you need to use alkaline cleaning solutions and dry solvents only as they are sensitive to acids.
 You may use acidic cleaning solutions along with alkaline and dry solvents on siliceous stones.
Identify the stain

Carefully identify the type of stain on the stone surface. They could be:

Oil-based stains.
Scratches and nicks.
Biological stains from mildew, fungi or moss.
Organic stains from tea, coffee, or food.
Iron, rust or other metal stains.
Ink or paint stains.
Water spots caused by hard water.
Fire and smoke damage.
Etch marks formed by acids left on the surface of the stone.

 High quality, stain removal products will absorb food, grease, oil, and various other stains out of natural-stone surfaces. They come with proper instructions and are completely safe to use as they are non-toxic and nonflammable. Stain removal products absorb stains quickly and leave your home, workplace or business place looking perfectly clean. 

If stains on your floor, counter tops, table tops was worrying you so far, now you can rest assured that there are several products available in the market to keep all of them looking clean. All you need to do is get one and use it.


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