Tuesday 15 October 2019

Pests to Watch Out for as Winter Approaches

With winter approaching, you have to be careful about pests. With the weather getting colder, it’s easy to find spiders and other rodents sneaking into your apartment to find a warm hideout. It is more common to find a bed bug, a cockroach or even mice in your house during the cold seasons.

Mice extermination services in King City can seem costly but if there are rodents in your apartment, you need help. Droppings or markings in your furniture or utensils can help you identify the presence of a rat, mice or raccoons in your house.
We are here to help you know what you should look for when it comes to usual pest infestation during the winter season.

Mice and rats:
The infestation of your house with mice and rats can harm daily life. They can infect your food and shelter with infections, thus leading to more serious diseases. You can spot by the squeaking sounds, droppings in the house, or with their nail and teeth markings. If you see one in your cupboard or kitchen, then you can contact us at BBPP. Our mice extermination services in King City is sure to help.

Bed Bugs:
Bed bugs can look like little insects, but they feed on you and grow considerably large in size and numbers. They live in colonies on unusual hideouts in your apartments. They wake up at nights for feeding and turn your nights sleepless. With BBPP excellent services, we assure you to spring into action and assure you a good night sleep.

During spring and summer, you can see the lively outdoors and garden with flies all over the area. It does not mean they don't exist during winter. These flies try to seek a warm spot inside your house to stay inactive during the cold season. They are usually not harmful but can turn troublesome if they grow in number.

Spiders, mites and other smaller insects are not harmless to humans. But when they infest the area in large numbers, our professionals at BBPP offers an excellent hand in solving the problem for you. You can rely on us to have a peaceful home.

Get effective cockroach control and extermination and live in a disease-free home. Roaches are known to be carriers of different diseases including potentially threatening ones like salmonella and typhoid. Plus, if you aren’t careful, they can make you suffer from food poisoning.

Whether you are looking for mice extermination services in King City or other pest removal, give us a call at BBPP.  We use environmentally-friendly pest control strategies in Vaughan. With a detailed and customized plan, we ensure that we tend to the pest infestation in your home. It’s why we offer a three month guarantee, and a year long worry free experience should you subscribe to one of our yearly packages.


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