Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Know The Facts Of Custodial Parental Relocation

When a minor child’s parent decides to move from the place, that when the parental relocation case happens to exist. The reasons for their move can be a job transfer, re-marriage, promotion, or change of surrounding. But this may violate the rights of the non-custodian parent.

Usually, the primary residential parent has good intentions for the child. However, the court decides the intent of the parent is true or not, or it’s just to take away the child from the other parent. Earlier, there was no right to moving for the primary residential parent. But with the new statue of there are changes in the parental relocation Broward. While making a for or against the decision for the relocation, eleven factors are looked upon. 

The parental relocation Broward helps you and guides you through the process if you are considering your partners’relocation or opposing it. The attorney is highly skilled and dedicated. 

Factors that are taken into consideration if there is a parental relocation

Some factors are depending on which the court decides for or against the decision of parental relocation. The factors are –

• The parental relocation distance: Short distances are not problematic. This is because shorter distances will not hamper the Child’s relationship with the non-custodian parent. But if the relocation is overseas to another country, it may become a matter of concern. If you are not considering the move of your child, then you can simply take the help of attorneys of parental relocation Broward. 

• The need for the move: In some countries, parents don’t need to justify their need for moving. Whereas in some cases if the intention of the residential parent is just to take away the child from the non-custodian parent. Then, the court doesn’t allow the parent to move. 

• Where the child wishes to live: Some cases, the child can testify and tell his or her wish to the judge. He or she can choose the custody he or she wants to live under. The attorneys of parental relocation Broward help you in such situations to get custody of your child. 

• The age of the child: A child at a very early age usually do not understand the things that go on. It may also happen that the child is attached to one parent than the other. In such a case, moving can be a bad decision for the child’s mental health. 

• The relationship of the child with each parent: As discussed earlier, the court looks to the relationship that the child shares with the parents. The custody of the child is usually given to the parent to whom the child is attached more.

These are some of the factors that the court looks to before taking for or against the decision of parental relocation. The attorney of Broward helps and guides you through the process. They are highly experienced and skilled and always give the best advice. With their help, you can get the custody of your child and even stop the parental relocation. 


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