Saturday, 7 September 2019

5 Ways to Judge and Shortlist the Best Travel Agency in India

People of India have gradually developed a recent interest in tours and travels. Nowadays, comparatively a greater number of people go on vacations. The aim remains the same, to acquire a fresh mind and energy and to enjoy the outdoor destinations. As a result, people plan their vacations with companies of travel agency in India. But, on what basis you choose them? There are certain guidelines through which you can probably make a list of the best travel agencies in the country. All you have to know is the proper description and facilities of such factors. You can shortlist the best travel agencies on the basis of the following five factors:   

1. Tour Packages -  
The first and foremost thing which customers usually notice about certain companies of travel agency in India is the tour packages. The better the tour packages, the greater is the number of customers which get attracted to the agency. International, as well as Indian tour packages, is provided. A package comprises of certain facilities with one or multiple destinations within a specific amount of money (usually counted as per head). 

A travel agency in India generally highlights its tour package offers the most. If we see from a company’s point of view, then this is one of the most important factors to attract customers. There has always been a competition among different travel agencies which include these tour package offers. So, before you opt for a travel agency to plan your holiday, do check out their tour packages firstly.  

 2. Services Provided by the Travel Agencies -  
Apart from your visit to your vacation destination, there are several services which you get from a travel agency. Some of these services include 

Hotel Services 
Travel Facilities (personal sightseeing)  
Travel Facilities (Flight and Train tickets) 
LTC (Leave Travel Concession) 
Food and Beverages 
Personal Guide 

You should probably check and hold hands with those travel agencies only which provide the best deals for the services mentioned above. You can also check in-depth about these services in several travel agency websites. You may even notice that different companies provide different deals with different destinations and packages. Don’t forget to check out the services provided by that particular company. 

 3. Combo Deals -    
A recent trend which has been developed among the travel agencies is to provide several offers of combo deals. But these combo deals vary from company to company. Some companies provide air-hotel combo deals. This means that they provide you an offer to book air tickets and hotels together at a comparatively cheap rate. Must tell you that this is one of the best offers by the travel agencies which I came across.  

On the other hand, some companies provide combined deals on destinations. This means that you get certain deals on your vacation to multiple destinations. This results in your holiday in more than one place and at a very reasonable rate. Ultimately, the customer gets benefited due to such combo deals. So, you should certainly choose those travel agencies which provide such combo deals.  

4. Value for Money -  
Money becomes an important factor while you plan for your vacation. The entire tour depends upon your monetary condition. Thus, a travel agency should be chosen which provides fantastic deals but at an affordable and reasonable rate. You should opt for such a travel agency which suits your expectations as well as your pocket.  

5. Company Reviews by the Public -  
The last but the most important factor which you should keep in mind while you shortlist a travel agency is the public’s reviews about the company. The people generally share their experiences about the travel agency. Some agencies may have positive comments and rates while some may have the negative. Wisely check them and then only opt for the most suitable and reliable travel agency which you think may plan the best holiday to your desired destination.


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