Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The importance of choosing the right chimney liner

There are several Chimney lining services in London that offers professional help with the chimney relining along with the regular chimney cleaning. A good sweep will be able to tell you the existing and potential problems associated with your chimney and advise you if you need chimney lining or flue relining or any other repairs. While it is easy to go with his advice, one must consider the basics of choosing right liner to keep the chimney safe and operational.

1) Clay Tile Liner - For old age chimneys, the traditional clay tile liners have been incorporated since decades. They are robust and withstand high temperature range. They also have better ability of retaining heat for a longer time and best suited for extended operational time. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and once installed, these tile liners last for decades. The cost of repairing these liners is more as they are normally built in while constructing the house and need to be reworked precisely to avoid structural damage of house. Various Chimney Lining Services London offers chimney relining services irrespective of the type of liners used.
2) Metal Liners – Modern day chimneys have extensively been incorporating Metal Flue Liners. Normally Stainless steel or stainless-steel alloy is used for manufacturing these liners. Their main advantage is with the shape and size as they offer a wide range in this regard. The flexible liners contracts and expands depending upon the temperature range hence minimizing the deposition of products of combustion on inner walls of chimney flue. The Rigid Metal Flue Liners are more robust and mounted straight with no flexible and customized structure. They are more suitable for taller chimneys wherein the flue gases are often to be evacuated to a higher distance. Consult the professional services for chimney lining London to choose the correct Metal flue liner for your chimney.

3) Cast-in-Place Liner – Since the lining deteriorates over time, it is needed to be repaired or replaced to avoid potential hazards of noxious gases that are most likely to escape. Sometimes due to internal damage, the flue lining need to be replaced or reinforced. The Chimney Lining London Professionals are well trained to do the repair job by reinforcing the chimney lining. These liners provide a greater insulation and retain the heat over a significant amount of time. 
In addition, they are as durable as the traditional clay liners and lasts up to decades.

A well installed and well configured chimney liner can improve the venting performance to a great value. Smaller liners can cause the excessive smoke where extra-large versions will have adverse effect on the draft. Check out the durability promises given by Chimney Lining Services in London to be assured about the warranty time frame. Some liners have life time warranty which even covers the damage caused by Chimney fires. Choose the cost effective liners which offers comprehensive benefits of safety and performance that includes warranty and post installation services better suited to your needs.


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