Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Adopt a new tax regime for benefits

Tax is the ultimate source of revenue for any welfare state in modern times. GST or the goods and also services tax is enforced on the services and supply of products in the nation. It includes multiple indirect taxes which are enforced by the central government and the state governments like service tax, local body taxes, luxury tax, entry tax, value-added tax, central excise duty, purchase tax etc.

The goods and also services tax proffers draw to the industry, the government, and also the citizens of the country- India. The cost of services and goods is thought to come down under the newly implemented tax regime, while the economy is considered to get a strong boost. As per the experts, the GST is looked forward to rendering Indian services and products competitive on the international level. 

Common Portal
Uniform tax rates
The purpose of the GST is to steer the country in the direction of becoming an included economy by levying uniform tax rates and doing away with economic hurdles, in this manner making the nation one market or common national market. As above mentioned by subsuming the central and the state indirect taxes into only a single tax shall as well offer a big pick up to the government campaign of ‘make in India,’ because goods which are supplied or made in this nation shall be competitive merely not on the national level, but as well on the international level. Furthermore, integrated goods and also services tax or IGST shall be realised on the entire imported goods. IGST shall be equivalent to Central GST +State GST, in so doing in a great deal importing uniformity in tax rates on both imported and also local goods. 

Assisting government revenue comes across buoyancy
GST is thought to assist the government revenue come across buoyancy by spreading out the tax base and at the same time increasing the taxpayer conformity to the new tax system by undertaking GST registration. The reform is as well considered to perk up the ranking of the nation in the case of the ‘ease of doing business index.’ In addition to this, it is as well taken to boost up the GDP nearly by 1.5 to 2 per cent.  

Cascading of Taxes
The evading of taxes shall not be permitted in GST registration online regime because the entire supply chain shall be introduced to a comprehensive input tax credit system. Business operations shall be streamlined at every phase of supply because of the flawless accessibility to input tax credit all through services and products.

Simple and minimum number of compliances 
Compliance shall be simple via the synchronisation of tax rates, laws, and processes. Efficiencies and synergies are looked forward to all through the board because of common forms or formats, common definitions as well as a uniform interface through the GST portal. The disputes of inter-state nature like on entry tax and e-commerce taxation which at present exist shall not cause trouble, while multiple taxations over the similar deals shall as well be removed.


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