Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Crystal gazing into the Human Resource Management world for latest trends

If you are one of the HR professionals or at an even bigger position of chief human resources officer and think you can replace every employee with a better one, it’s time you check your human resource management, leadership, and management skills. The employees are not things or assets that can be replaced again and again with no value given to the efforts they put. Eventually, this thought process will serve HR leaders and their chief human resources officer- the comeuppance of earning a very bad name for human resource management of the company and it will become a difficult task acquiring great talent in the future. Whose loss is it? Yours.

The HR leaders around the world have come to realize the importance of being human while hiring and firing employees and learning change management in their leadership and management skills. The professional human resources department is emerging and evolving fast and here’s how: 

Gig economy: Human resource management leaders have to make room for people who want to work flexibly and some of whom want to be freelancers. The career adjustments in the professional human resources domain have to be made according to these new-age employees. Newer trends of career hopping are always there around the road bend and the HR professionals have to prepare well in advance to meet the arising challenges.

Employee experience at workplace: HR leaders must put in the workplace a mechanism that provides a great work experience to the employees- the way we treat clients. They must be considered for their problems and difficulties and there must also be engagement programs such as proper orientation, welcome parties or some sort of monthly entertainment engagement days, and farewell themes.  

Employee engagement: The C-suite or the chief human resources officer have to prepare for the communication, collaboration, and engagement of the present workforce and their attitudes. Employee engagement becomes a responsibility of all HR professionals globally to take into account multi-generational employees and boomerang workers who return to work with the company.

Leadership and management development: The chief human resources officer along with the HR professionals globally are engaging their employees with newer ways of leadership and management with great certifications, mentoring programs, and training to boost the skills and talent of the employees. The employees also always look for newer avenues to learn. 

Evolution of professional human resources as business proficient: The understanding of the business values, verticals, products, services, and strategies must be in the know-how of all HR professionals to become the HR leaders of the future. Human resource management in the professional human resources domain must not be seen as the inactive arm of the business but as one of the active arm leading the business.

The workplaces must try to become one of the best places to work for and this responsibility isn’t achieved in a day but by practicing the engagement, leadership, and management initiatives by HR leaders in professional human resources sphere every day.    


  1. Human resource is a hidden gem as far as career prospect is concerned, also it is rightly depicted that it holds a bright future for HR Professionals

  2. This is one of the best thing that i came across today! Made my day worth the read.