Sunday 22 January 2017

Access eBay across all digital devices

The American ecommerce company broke its partnership with PayPal in July 2015. After the spinoff many traditional buyers and sellers stared leaving the ecommerce company and to retain the tradition customers the company eBay to several steps.
The company followed many marketing strategies to attract new customers and maintain the traditional customers and redesigned their mobile app in October 2015. After the launch of the mobile application, the CEO of eBay, Devin Wenig said in an interview that the company had planned for a series of new changes in the policy, platform and the inventory system and makes the company a competitive one in the market and that they are expecting a steady progress in the business.
The future of shopping 
The virtual reality technology was introduced by the ecommerce company into their business so that they can make shopping more exciting for the customers. eBay partnered with the Myer, the Australian departmental store to introduce the virtual reality concept to make the shopping experience a personalized one.
The VR (virtual reality) technology is a computer technology that uses the software to generate realistic sounds, sensations and images that mirror the real world and stimulate the presence of the user in the same environment. A person using the VR device can see the virtual environment and interact with all the features that are seen on screen. And the ecommerce company calls it the shoptacles, so the shoppers can get a virtual experience while wearing the VR device and shopping.
To promote the new technology, the shoppers were allowed to access twelve thousand five hundred products from the website and they gave free VR devices to twenty thousand shoppers. By providing this new technology in their business, the company is trying to attract more customers and shoppers to participate in the business.
The shoppers who have been using the new VR device said that the new innovative technology has changed the way they have been shopping and is helping them to easily finish their shopping. This has helped the company to retain old shoppers, while the new customers are also attracted by the new methods and are interested to do business with the ecommerce company.
When it is on your mind, it is on eBay
The ecommerce company is headquartered in San Jose, California and is the leading American multinational company that provides business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales through the internet. The company manages a shopping website and online auction, – where the businesses and people purchase and sell a variety of products and services across the globe and apart from the auction portal, the website has a shopping portal called ‘buy it now’. It also has shopping SKU, UPC, and ISBN; an online event ticket trading, an online classified advertisement and many other additional services.
The sellers those who use this ecommerce platform has to pay service fee for listing the products and services, once when the items are sold- the seller must again pay a service fee to list the items on the portal. But the buyers can access the website for free.
Shopping is even easier via mobile apps
Many businesses are establishing mobile apps for their business and this is because of the growth of the mobile technology and the affordability of the smartphone for all the customers. The shoppers can use their mobile phone to shop from anywhere at any time and make payments through the digital service.
eBay has launched mobile apps for the iOs and Android users so as to make shopping more convenient. To make it even more efficient and accessible the company has updated some service in the mobile app and it is for both the Android and iOs users. As a measure to improve the performance of the mobile app platform, the users will receive ‘one time password’ on both the iOs and Android apps.
The iOs users will have the Touch ID authentication and for the Android users, it is an Android Wear platform. This new update is launched as a response to the feedback received from the mobile app users and the Senior Director for the Mobile and Accessibility, Mirnalini Loew said that the new update will help the users to access one billion listing on the mobile platform.
No more password – only Touch ID and one time password
In the digital era, almost all the aspect of the human life is associated with the mobile phones and the mobile applications, and to protect the application and the device- the user has to set different passwords for different applications. It is impossible to remember all these passwords and secret codes, so to make it simple for its users- eBay has introduced the one time password.
In this new method, the users will be asked to sign in with a secret code that they will receive on their mobile phone via text message, and when the log in with the pass code- and the users remain signed in to the application. The use of this one time password reduces the login friction on the mobile devices and benefits many mobile app users. The iOs users can use the fingerprint to login to the application through the single touch feature called the Touch ID.
The Touch ID and one time password eliminate the difficulty of the users to remember the password whenever they access the ecommerce marketplace. The Senior Director at eBay for Identity and Member communication product management, Dave Comer said that the ecommerce company requires its users to remember different login information and passwords that are hard to remember, so to eliminate this friction the company came out with a new method of Touch ID proof and one time password.
Earlier this year, the company rolled out the reclaim email from their platform. The eBay users can use their used email address to re-register an account in the ecommerce marketplace.
Android Wear is the new gateway to access eBay
The technology is improving each day and the developers are designing new applications and devices. The technology has moved from laptops to other new devices like the tablets, smartphone to touch watches. eBay has introduced their application that is supported by the Android Wear, so the users can see all the notifications and information about the ecommerce platform directly on their wear device, so that the users can readily know the information without checking their mobile phone or tablet.
The details that are notified on the Android Wear are the name of the product, the price, image, end time and other details required by the user. The ecommerce company has enhanced their application to the standards of the Android’s material design so that the application looks more compatible even on the wearable devices.
The users can experience a seamless way of shopping on all the different Android devices because of the commitment of eBay application to the Android device. The users having the Android Wear can read the message of the member to member content and directly respond to the message from the Android Wear device, they can even use the quick reply option to send voice reply message.
All these new updates and improvements are only a step towards the development of the ecommerce platform that helps the users to effortlessly shop across all the new devices. The main aim of the Ecommerce Corporation is to provide outstanding customer experience.
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