Monday, 27 July 2020

Types of Property Disputes

A property dispute refers to a legal dispute for any real estate. Property disputes includes broad range of disputes over a broad range of property.The property for which the dispute has been aroused can be a vacant plot,home,deck, a parking lot,pond or anything which is an element of real property.Property disputes also creates an impact on marketability of title. Property disputes may be small or large which may be resolved by a Property Dispute Lawyer Tampa.

Following are few instances where property dispute arises:
  1. Disputes related to claims from legal heir.
  2. Disputes relating to the title of immovable property.In this a person claims that he has a good title over the property which will mean that he/she has a right to enjoy all the rights and interests coming from property possession. For instance it can be income by way of rent.In such a case the owner needs prove the title of the property through a valid documentary evidence.
  3. Incomplete transaction of a property could be another reason for dispute. It might happen that the seller after taking advance from the potential buyer changes his mind and refuse to perform his part of the contract and speak to another buyer and takes consideration from him as well. In this matter, the previous purchaser can seek help from a Property Dispute Lawyer Tampa who can take the matter to the court and there they can challenge for the title of the property.
  4. Disputes also arise when there is delay in the delivery of possession of a property, by developers to buyers.
  5. Disputes also occur over easement rights, which is a right to use another’s property. It is a right, which the owner of a specific property enjoys over an adjacent property, which he actually does not possess. It is the right over a property which belongs to someone else and not to the person who is claiming easement.
  6. Property disputes also arise when there is an inappropriate description of the property in the title deed, for instance wrong address, wrong name of the owner.
  7. Property disputes also arise when the seller misrepresents the property, for instance he does not clarifies certain points which needs to be communicated before the contract is made.
  8. Disputes also arise when the property is acquired under will or as a gift. In such cases, a party may withstand the process of transferring the property through a will or gift, is not considered valid in the eyes of law.
  9. Property disputes also arise when a person buys an inherited property, without the knowledge that it is an inherited property.In such a case both the parties will hire a Property Dispute Lawyer Tampa who will take the matter to the court and it can be taken further for legal proceedings. Usually the second contract for the inherited property is considered void and the seller is asked to return back the amount taken from the buyer(of inherited property) along with the compensation.


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