Thursday, 2 May 2019

How To Correctly Use Limestone Cleaners?

You will never like your home décor to be getting dirty at any cost, so as a natural thing you will try cleaning it with every possible cleaning material possible. Now if you have Limestone installed at your place, you need to be extra careful because you simply cannot use anything and everything to clean up your Limestone tiles or setup.

Limestone is a type of calcareous stone which is made with calcium carbonate, and an acidic solution can harm the stone very much, such as bleach, citric acid, and vinegar. There are many limestone cleaners available in the market which are balanced in such a way the ingredients of the solution does not etch the stone. Let’s have a look at how to correctly clean with the limestone cleaners.

Vacuum it up
The limestone cleaners are made to clean the limestone effectively, not any additional dust and dirt. So if you directly apply the limestone cleaners to your décor then it may not bring you the optimum result possible. That is why you need to run a vacuum cleaner, preferably twice, to clean the surface area properly. It will suck all the loose dirt from the limestone making a better aspect for the solution to work on. You should cover up the surrounding areas with a towel so that the surroundings do not catch the dirt.

Use a microfiber cloth
After you are done with the vacuum, now you will need to require to use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the left outs. Lose dirt and debris can create scratches later on if not cleaned before applying the limestone cleaner. So wipe well with the clean microfiber cloth until it seems clean to your naked eyes at least. Any kind of left out dirt can create a mess, later on, make sure to remove all of it beforehand.

Wash the limestone
This step is added to provide optimum results. Heat up some water in the tub and wait. Once heated up, rinse a cloth into the bucket and let it soak. Once soaked well, take the cloth out and spread it across the limestone, leaving it there for a few minutes. Then pick the cloth up and wipe it with a dry cloth. Apply the same repeatedly till the whole limestone is covered. It enhances the effectiveness of the limestone cleaner.

Apply the limestone cleaner now
After completion of all the steps, now you can apply the limestone cleaners as directed in the bottle. If you want to go for homemade solutions do not ever use bleach as it will make it etch, instead use ammonia. It is less toxic than bleach. But it is better to use the solution which is perfectly well balanced so that your beautiful limestone does not get pits and etches. After applying the limestone cleaner, leave it there for a while, and then remove it with a dry piece of cloth, if needed wet. And you will have your beauty of the limestone back and maintained for real long time.
In this way, one should use the limestone cleaners.


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