Monday, 28 December 2020

What should you do to file a smoke damage claim in Fort Lauderdale

Properties damaged by fire can claim insurance coverage as it is mentioned in the clause. The confusion lies when a property is damaged due to smoke emissions. It is usual that the property owners are unaware of the fact that they can claim for smoke damages too. This is where the insurance providers use the ambiguity of the clauses and evade paying coverage. Consult a Smoke Damage Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale to find out whether you have a case or not.

 Check your insurance policy in detail

Even if you are in great turmoil, you will have to act accordingly and check your insurance policy. Read all the clauses and find out whether you can or cannot claim for smoke damage. If you are confused with the technical terms, you can hire a lawyer to get the terms explains. Proper explanation of the policy will help you explain your case to the lawyer as well.

When exposed to smoke, the interior elements such as carpets, curtains, walls, furniture, etc are covered with irremovable black soot. It can cause a lot of money to get these things replaced. You will need the assistance of a lawyer to find out the damages and check whether you can file a claim or not. If the damages cannot be undone, a claim can be filed based on the insurance policy you have.

When claims are denied

The biggest hurdle one faces while filing a smoke damage claim is the technicality. Insurance providers often use this element to deny a claim. It requires a proper understanding of the laws and clauses mentioned in the policy. Hiring a SmokeDamage Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale will help you find out whether your claim is eligible or not.

Get the denied claim checked by an experienced lawyer. Find out the flaws in your claim and let the professional lawyer do his job. You will need the coverage to get your home back in the previous shape. Hence, proper documentation and investigation of the case are mandatory.


For smoke damage claims, you should always hire a lawyer. Find the true value of the items you lost and make a strong case. Do not waste your time and resources when you can easily claim coverage of the damage. Proper documentation and negotiation for the claim will be done by the lawyer you hired. Hire an experienced attorney without any delay. 



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