Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Importance of walking dogs and engaging dog walkers do to the job

Dogs are breeds that are naturally aggressive and need regular exercises to keep them healthy. Dogs are bred for different purposes such as herding, working or sporting and so on. Irrespective of your dog being pure bred or mixed it will certainly pursue an activity because of its genetic strait. Contemporary dogs do not get the opportunity to do what their genes tell them to do. They are cooped in homes and hardly get the chance to see outside world or take a sprint to chase a dog or rat. However dogs do not exercise on their own and need to be exercised by owners or dog trainers. If they are not exercised or taken on regular walks it is more likely that they will get bored and start acting strangely or restless. Entrust your dog to the best dog walker Toronto to keep it happy and invigorated. 

Why do dogs need walks?
Dogs need walks for both exercise and mental stimulus. According to clinical studies dogs require walking sessions for 4 reasons and they are
  1. Physical exercise
  2. Mental exercise or stimulation
  3. Training
  4. Elimination
Dogs are always interested in treading outdoors and sniffing the environment to familiarize. It also serves as exercise as well as the opportunity to socialize with people in the neighborhood. These needs however may not be possible for owners or dogs owing to time shortage.   Owners will do well to find ways to meet these needs of their pets and a High rated dog walker Toronto will do the job perfectly.

Many of you may think that walking a dog is no rocket science and why a trainer or a dog walker has to be engaged to carry out this task? However there are owners who do not know how to walk dogs and end up doing the following:
  • They don’t walk their dogs at all, or don’t take them out regularly
  • They don’t use this opportunity to give maximum exercise to the pet
  • They don’t like to take their dogs for walks because they are afraid as the pet usually walks them
  • Some don’t take them for walks because they display bad leash manners
Precautions to take before you take the dog on the first walk
  • You must teach the dog to go on walks when it is a puppy and it will learn quickly and adapt to the exercise
  • When the dog develops full immunity against communicable diseases. Also discuss with the vet when it is safe for the dog to go out
  • She should wear a collar which is secure and with an ID tag. The dog should familiarize with the collar so it does not become irritated and fidgety with its presence. Make sure the collar is soft and not tight fitting
  • Don’t take the dog for walks till it is familiar and comfortable with the collar and leash
If you are averse to walking your dog or don’t have the time it is best left to the best dog walker Toronto as he/she is a professional.


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