Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Funky Ideas for School Leavers Shirts

School is a part and parcel of a child's life. It is like a home away from home for children. They learn the values of friendship, trust and teamwork in school along with many other lessons. Memories that stay with the child for the whole life are created here so leaving such a place so close to heart demands a memorable memento. Saying goodbye to school and keeping the first step in a new world is an emotional journey for children that only they can truly feel. School leavers shirts are a creative way to support the children and also help them wave goodbye with a lovely memento.

The Concept of School Leavers Shirts
Children attending school since their infancy to a matured age where they are ready to face the challenges that the world hurls at them often find it difficult to leave a place they were so much attached too. They go through multiple things while at school, learn to grow up together and forms a close knitted bond with the school, teachers, classmates, and staff. So the concept of giving away a single memento to each and every school leaving student was welcomed whole-heartedly as it made the school leavers still feel attached to the school and people. School Leavers Shirts are a unique concept and a favorable gift for the school leaving students. All the shirts are made and printed in a uniformed way. The same color is selected for the shirts. All the patterns, designs and the colors of the shirts are the same to represent unity. It becomes the passing out batches coat of arms.

Some Funky Ideas
If you are planning to get some school leavers shirts for the passing out batches then here are some cool and funky ideas that you can put in while selecting a designer shirt for the students.

·    You can get shirts based on themes. There are many themes like yearbook theme, nerdy and geeky themes with digital prints, inspirational themes with quotes etc.

·       You can also order a batch of hooded shirts with fun quotes and images.

·      Customized shirts with the names of the students and two liners rhyming with their names are also fun ideas.

·        You can also give the shirts a star look with stylish cuts and designs.

·      Bright colors and animated themes are also a hit with the students as it makes them feel vibrant and still a child at heart.

The shirts can be ordered anytime. The charges can be discussed beforehand depending upon the fabric, design and the style of the shirt. Also, it is important to consider the fabric of the shirt to make it durable. The shirts can be worn by the students and this will not only be a remembrance but also worthy wearable option. All the orders are delivered on time so that the students can be felicitated with their memento properly. Affordable and useful, the shirts are also a unique gift to make.


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