Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Make Money on WeChat

Chinese people usually refer to Weixin as WeChat, so if they do not know WeChat will not be confused. At present, more than 500 million users worldwide in Asia, but are regularly used in China. WeChat is addictive as Facebook. Every time we all have. This is the best platform for selling clothes, music, and other accessories. Do not try to sell machines or technical devices on WeChat. WeChat has its own salary system, but many people do not use it. Chinese people do not use PayPal. They use Alipay. Keep it in mind when selling products on the vit. WeChat is available in almost every app store. Just check for vitts or vaccines.

Group chat and posts
You have three ways to post the content. You can comment on existing posts, you can create groups (or chat) and advertise your products or you can make yourself a post for selling your products. I recommend you do not try to comment on existing posts to sell your products. You guys will get out of here.

Well No. 1: Create a position to sell your products on the vit. Posts are very effective because everyone sees their wall and will definitely scroll on them. There are many benefits to posting it, but they can easily remove people. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I suggest 80% post that is just 20% of fun and interesting and interesting for people to promote your product. This way you will generate sales. You are selling people in your post to write a personal message if they are interested in the product. And, they do not tell the price of your product, but just ask those who think of their products. Example: You are selling a cloth from the channel that Taylor Swift wore the last MTV music awards. Dress clothes to dress up Taylor Swift's clothes. People will attract it easily. 

Then, ask him what he thinks about clothes. They will comment. If they like it, send them a message that you can make a good price for them and tell that you will buy directly in your city (West West) channel shop. Ask them to pay you on Alipay. China is the easiest way to pay online products for most people. Try to stay as prohibited and potentially reliable. Make sure your customers comment on your next post. Perhaps also ask them that they are good reviews (commenting them "a lot. Great offer. Fast shipping. From now on, I'll just buy from you!").

Discount 20% on the next product that they buy from you. Here are some people who successfully did this:

Well No. 2: Group chat is one of the most effective steps to possibly sell your products to WeChat. Simply create a simple post to sell your product, its price and photos with it. You have photos as much as possible photos for the same post on the wall 9 images. You are limited to the same image in a chat. You should not post twenty pictures in your chat for everything. You probably will not get any sales because people will get annoyed and leave the group chat. To get many people in a group chat, we invite our friends to invite all our friends to the White House on White. Chinese people are not to leave groups on WeChat. So, more and more people are better to you. Not only add random people and invite them to group chat. They will think you're spam. And, therefore, your products will not buy. But, if any of your friends invites other people, your friend's friends will trust you.

Now, you can read your offer as easily as the text of the product name, company, special offer, and how you can make a payment. Or you can support your text with the picture. I recommend it. Take a powerful picture, for example, jacket worn by the same American jack star.


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