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What are the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals of a Hindu wedding?

  1. This is the first wedding ritual that takes place in a Hindu wedding ceremony. this is a ritual in which the groom’s Tikka is done by the brother of the bride to be.
  2. The Chunni Chadai of the bride is done. This is the starting ritual of a Hindu wedding in which Shagun is done.
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  1. This is a ritual in which the mother-in-law of the bride showers her with the dresses that are to be worn by her on the engagement day and wedding day.
  2. This ceremony is also referred to a Shagun because all the necessary things are given by the mothers-in-law to the bride and groom.
  1. This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom offer a ring to each other and the rings are worn by them in the left hand.
  2. This is a ceremony which is full of enjoyment and fun. All the friends, relatives and family members of the bride and groom dance a lot on DJ’s and tell the people how happy they are.
  1. This is a ritual in which Mehndi is applied to the hands of the bride and groom. The Mehndi is sent by the mother-in-law of the bride and groom.
  2. All the family members, friends and relatives dance a lot on DJ’s to show their happiness. This is a ritual that takes place just one day before the wedding ceremony.
  1. This is a ritual in which haldi is applied to both bride and groom. A pure turmeric paste is made by the bride and groom’s family and then it applied on the body and faces.
  2. After that Puja of the bride is done. This ritual takes place on the same day as the wedding ceremony.
After Haldi, marriage takes place. In Hindu wedding both the bride and groom take seven circles around the fire and it is referred to a Sath Phere. Hindu wedding is the most beautiful and pure wedding. Hindu and Sikh matrimony marriage bureau will help boys and girls to choose their life partners.

  1. In this custom, the bride is sent to the groom’s house in a well-decorated car. All her friends, family and relatives cry to show the love for her.
  2. At the time of Viddai, everyone become so emotional for the bride. This ritual is followed by the welcome of the bride.
Welcome to the bride:
  1. After the bride reaches to the groom’s house she is welcomed by her mother-in-law.
  2. First of all, the mother-in-law of the bride does Puja of the newlywed couple. After that, the bride kicks the jar full of rice and then the bride is welcomed to her new house.
Reception: This is a party given the groom’s family to tell the people that the marriage is done with full joy and happiness.

Pag Phere: This is a ritual in which the bride visits her house to meet her family. These are the rituals of a Hindu wedding.


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