Monday, 26 November 2018

Your belly button and pregnancy, something you need to know about

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting period in life of a woman. There are many things that you need to keep in mind so that you will have a happy pregnancy. There are many secrets associated with your belly button in pregnancy. We will discuss the same in detail. 

The belly button, myths and facts 
There are many myths and facts those are linked with the pregnancy. There may be many people who must be telling you different things related to your pregnancy and the belly button. You need to have the right information. You need to know when does your belly button pop out when pregnant. The fact is that it is not necessary that the belly button should pop out during pregnancy. There are some woman who do not have any belly pop up and do have a normal and safe pregnancy. 

The reason behind the belly button pop up 
You need to understand the  real reason behind the pregnant belly pop. As the baby grows, the uterus will push the stomach and the pressure will result into a belly pop up while you are pregnant. As the uterus will expand speedily, and you will see a belly pop up around 26 weeks of your pregnancy. There may be some women who are thin and they may find the difference only in the second trimester. 

What care has to be taken 
You need to take good care so that you have a healthy pregnancy. You need to keep in mind that this is very normal and nothing to worry about. It is a part and parcel of your pregnancy. There is nothing to worry and you may see it back to normal after the child birth. You may be wondering if it is not popped up at all. Though your friend may have experienced a popped belly button and you have not, you need to keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. 

Pregnancy belly button and  umbilical hernia?
There are many women who may find a small hole in the wall of abdomen. There may be chances of hernia but if you take proper care then you can avoid it easily. Because of the extra weight gain you may find some pressure in the week area and this is the reason there may be development of the hernia. The hernia can be painful but if you get the right medicines then you can get over the same. Doctors may also tell you to wait till the child birth and take medicines only after the delivery. There are many options that can help you to correct this. Wither you can take the medicines or you can also get the surgery done. You need to talk to your doctor and they will guide you the right way. You can do some tests and then talk to the doctors. Just get the right medicine and have a happy child birth.


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