Monday, 29 October 2018

Prepare for GRE - Parts and Preparation for this Competitive Test

GRE is a computer generated test that checks candidates for proficiency in Verbal, Mathematical, and Analytical Writing. You can take this test five times a year and the scores remain valid for 5 years. This is taken by students applying for graduate school and so it will test your knowledge in things you study during your college years.

There is no right time to start your GRE prep because it is continuously evolving and you will get new questions that the computer generates at the spur of the moment. One must have knowledge in all subjects and must be prepared for the type of questions that will appear in GRE. Here is a breakup of the questions and subjects you are likely to face in GRE.

Analytical Writing
This is straightforward with two tasks assigned to you. You get 30 minutes to answer each. The first task is to analyze an issue. The second is to analyze an argument. The way to prepare for this is to write practice essays. The GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) tests you for your ability to write a cogent thesis statement and defend it in a good way. After making your opening statement, you must give support for your statement in the following two or three paragraphs. In your conclusion, you must refute the opposing logic completely. It takes skill to analyze an argument. So, you need lots of practice. Only when you develop the writing skill, you will be able to make a valid presentation of your argument when the time comes.

Best time to take GRE
Most students take GRE coaching during their vacation. They join the local coaching institute or find one by going online. To get the best GRE coaching search for an institute that has trained 140,000 students for GRE, oldest and most trusted institute in India for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS, or 35 best GRE coaching centers in India. It is important to join the trusted and oldest institute that has years of experience in preparing students for competitive exams.

Once that is out of the way, you can check how good you are by taking one or two practice tests. Of course, you will not be able to answer those questions that you have not yet covered.  But, you will see how you fare with regards to the rest. This will tell you how to prepare during the rest of your course. By scoring well in GRE, it is possible to get scholarships and easy entrance to universities of your choice. 

Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning
The next two parts are the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning parts. You get 30 minutes for the Verbal Reasoning and 35 minutes for the other. Both have 20 questions The Verbal Reasoning checks for your ability to understand and analyze written passages. For people without English as their mother tongue, this part is the toughest. You need to become thorough with Sentence equivalence and text completion other than reading comprehension.
Lastly, it is good to keep updating your skill level by taking more practice tests. You can also take the actual tests but be sure to cancel your score if you do not do good.


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