Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Internet and the power of information


Internet is the revelation of the 21st century.  Everything that is available in this world is available in the internet.  From a child to elderly population every people of every generation uses internet very much extensively. With the revelation of the technology also this revelation has been very much fruitful. Nowadays due to the smartphone and other facilities the usage of the internet has become very much. Even the laptops and the desktops are also easily available in the market nowadays. This also adds up to the condition. Along with the easy availability in the market the market price and the cost of these gadgets has also become very less these days. People from any background and any side that avail the cost of the smartphone or nay kind of gadget and thus they can use the internet with very much ease. The mode of operation of internet is also very much easy and very much user friendly also. We can know every bit of information that is happening in the world within a second. Any type of incident, new inventions, stories of peoples that can inspire the living of the normal human beings are easily available in the internet. So it is an absolute necessity to use this thing because it will benefit us in a very good way.


Along with the boons internet can be harmful also. Internet has also given birth to social networking. People can get in touch with each other sitting poles apart. It is always good to be in touch with. But as it is said that everything has a good or a bad side along with it. This social networking cam be used in a destructive way also. In this century due to presence of social networking the people in one country can also trigger bad thing like that off social riots in other country. The terrorists has also become very much powerful due to this effect. As they always need information to get along. Without their planning nothing can they execute. They can get plan immediately. They can also use the knowledge of the internet in a bad way too. Internet has more than 2000 sites to make bombs with which they can destroy peoples and also cause panic in the peoples. Even simple to simple people can make bombs with very easily available material of the common life. So it is wise to use the internet with great responsibility as this power is not to be messed with in any case.

Solution to anything

However amidst all the bad things good things are also present. People when face trouble they use the internet to find solution. Several websites are there to help the people to get any possible solution from any kind of solution.

Websites containing the Medical information

Medical health has also been improved. Because of the websites like Vaidam each and every problem has got a number of solution so that initially one can deal with it. These websites also gives the best methods as suggested by different able doctors.


Internet should be used with great responsibility as it is very big platform and need a very mature mind so that no one messes with it.


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