Friday, 30 March 2018

Food items that can prevent cancer

If one needs to maintain a proper health, then they have to look after their diet. The minerals and vitamins that are present in food items always help in the proper functioning of the human body.
It has been proven in every research that the food that one consumes has a direct impact on one’s body and health. So if you add the right fuel to your body it has to be a healthy life choice. One also needs to drink a lot of fluid and do some regular exercises to keep their body fit.

Yes, it is true that your food is your medicine. Since last decade people are also researching and making some fascinating discoveries on medical characteristics of food items. In fact, one can also fight a lot of diseases by eating the right kind of food.

There are also many food items which have some cancer fighting capabilities. Those are not unusual food items. In fact, they are natural food items which are available in local markets and they can actually destroy the cancer causing cells. In fact, the best cancer hospitals in India also recommend their patients to eat these food items to stay healthy.

In fact, if one wants to stay cancer free, then they should keep check on their diets.

Raw Garlic

Garlic is a very strong anti oxidant just like the other items of the alliums family like shallots, onions and leeks. They can easily remove free radicals from one’s body. it also helps in boosting immunity and lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol level of a human body. This also improves the brain function and acts as a natural detoxifier. One can crush or chop garlic and then allow it to rest. One can cook their dishes with this raw garlic.


This is a very healthy vegetable and it has high amount of anti oxidants. It has a lot of carbinol in it which has the components of reducing the risk of breast, cervical and prostrate cancers. This has some natural anti inflammatory materials which are very good for one’s heart and bones. It has dense nutrients but at the same time they have fewer calories. Broccoli is thus a must addition in a healthy diet regime as it also has heat sensitive enzymes.

Green Tea

According to many researches, green tea has some super cancer fighting elements. They are more powerful than Vitamin C to fight the free radical damages. This beverage also has the power ti=o shrinks the existing tumours and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Green tea increases good cholesterol level and reduces the blood pressure level.


They are delicious and very healthy. This fruit can easily slow down the growth of cancer cells and protect the human body from other kind of heart diseases. It also burns the fat stores in a body. So having strawberries can be of great help.

Healthy diet always enhances the good quotient of health. One needs to maintain that to stay healthy.


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