Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Canadian experience class immigration program

Immigrants in Canada

Immigrant is a word given to those people who are shifting from one country to another for their living and earnings. But for that they have to get permission in the form of permanent visa which allows them to stay in Canada and work there.

If you are experience class immigrant and you want to get permanent visa from Canadian government so that you can settle there permanently and also work in Canada. So, you will have to apply for visa under this category.

Meaning of Canadian experience class

Canadian experience class is the category of people who belong to different countries but living in Canada and working there.

·         They can apply for permanent living in that country.

·         They are the ideals who can apply for permanent visa to live in Canada and become a permanent resident of Canada.

In Canadian experience class express entry points are given as per the documents are provided by the applicant and if the score secured is above certain value of point then he is given permanent visa otherwise not.

There is a defined rule for immigration point calculator. The immigrants are categorized in various classes under which they can apply for visa. The categories are listed below:
  • ·         Economic class
  • ·         Family class
  • ·         Immigrants who need security
  • ·         Refugees

To apply through Canadian experience class express entry you should meet its eligibility criteria. Canadian experience class express entry provides you an easy way to apply for Canadian experience class immigration program.

Requirements to qualify through express entry for Canadian experience class immigration program

·         The applicant should have at least 12 months experience of working in Canada in record of last 3 years. The work can be full time or part time as well. For application at least 1560 hours experience is must. It can be part time and full time but duration of work experience should be more than 1560 hours.
  • ·         The age of the applicant is also checked while allotting points.

  • ·         Quality of adaptability is also checked in applicant. Adaptability here means if applicant has any relation with Canadian citizen then this adds a bonus to his application.

  • ·         The work experience of the applicant must be authorized by a Canadian firm or an organization.

  • ·         Then the language knowledge of the applicant is also to be considered. Applicant must have good knowledge of the languages being used in that area. The applicant must be able to

·         Read
·         Write
·         Listen
·         Understand
·         Speak

        Applicant must be able to meet all the above listed activities in the language which is used that territory for official purpose.

Impotant note:

§  If applicant has self employment experience or work experience when he was full time student will not be taken under consideration.

§  Express entry for Canadian experience class is not available for the province named Quebec. No one can apply for permanent visa to stay in province of Quebec.


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