Tuesday 26 September 2017

Keep track of your pregnancy, every step of the way

Pregnancy is a delicate period of time and hence it is very important to monitor your pregnancy as much as possible. With the advancement and easy availability of various kinds of technological gadgets these days, it is possible to keep track at home too, almost every moment of the way.

The best way to keep track of your pregnancy is to stay alert and informed. Apart from visiting the doctor when appointed, do, do some research on your own so that you too can understand what is going on inside your body and what kind of changes you need to make in your lifestyle in which step of your pregnancy.

Know your due date
The most exciting thing to learn when you get to know that you are pregnant is finding out your due date. If you have taken a home pregnancy test which has come positive both the times, then there is a 90% surety that you are expecting. However it is always best to get yourself checked out with a doctor before you can confirm your news of pregnancy. Doctors will eventually calculate and let you know about your due date. There is a very easy way when it comes pregnancy calculator by due date. You can even do the maths at home as well. 38-40 weeks is considered to be the gestation period for a normal pregnancy. Now you need to start your calculation from the day that you started chumming that is the first of your period. This from where your count starts. From here your due date is calculated to be 280 days after that. It might get extended, but in most cases, labour pain begins before the mentioned due date. However there is something you need to consider, more often than not some women who are pregnant for the first time go through a phenomenon called breakthrough bleeding. This comes off as a signal of a regular period but with much less bleeding. It can happen while you are pregnant. Women who have cryptic pregnancies might experience this. So the moment you get a wind that you might be pregnant or have missed periods, it is best to visit a doctor.

Experience your pregnancy together
Fathers often feel helpless when it comes to pregnancies. While paternity leaves are also be sanctioned these days, biologically the involvement of the father is something that is close to impossible. However now thanks to the pregnancy kick counter bracelet both the father and mother can keep a count of the number of times the baby kicks. These bracelets generally come in a pair. The mother and father both put it on and every time the baby kicks the mother presses a button that is there is the bracelet which buzzes on the one that is there on the hand of the father. In this way the father can also keep track of how many times the baby is kicking, thus ensuring participation of both the parents.

So if both of you want to keep updated and informed about your pregnancy, these are some steps and measures that you can take.


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