Wednesday, 27 September 2017

10 Traveling hacks that are essential to becoming an expert

When I first started traveling, I was surprised at every step at the new things I learned and discovered. They say time and experience is the best teacher. It sure is. If you are new to this whole traveling thing, you don’t have to worry too much. With time, you shall learn and get better. And going through this article will give you the head start required to become an expert traveler.

1. Sell Airline Miles when they near expiration
When I had newly joined a frequent flyer program, there were many instances when I had miles but did not have a traveling trip coming up. Sadly these miles used to go to waste. It was a while later that I discovered I could even sell airline miles. You can sell them online on multiple websites where miles are traded.

2. Roll instead of folding
Wise packing is an art that few know and is essential for every travel trip. The basic aim is to consume as little luggage space as possible with the maximum number of items. You would be surprised how less space your clothes will take if you roll them instead of folding.

3. Clear cookies and browser history
Once you have visited the same travel site multiple times with the same IP address, they are likely to increase prices for you. You may keep checking every day, hoping for a price reduction, only to be disappointed every time. Sure you should check every day, but make sure you clear the cookies and browser history before clicking the search button.

4. Protect your shoes with a cling film sheet
Your luggage is treated quite roughly by the airlines. And there is always this looming danger of something inside the luggage damaging your shoes. Use a cling film to wrap your shoes to ensure they are not ruined.

5. Keep your jewelry in a pill container
Jewelry boxes often take too much space because of their size. Pill containers  on the other hand are not too big and are perfect to keep your earrings safe.

6. Write a packing checklist
Imagine forgetting to pack your phone’s charger or your camera? The very prospect is scary. This is why every expert suggests the use of a checklist for packing. Tick off the items as you put them in your suitcase so there is very low chance of forgetting anything.

7. Keep snacks for the flight
Airport waits can be very boring and so can be flights. Snacks are a good way to keep yourself occupied. The airlines and stores at the airport sell the snacks at a greater price than normal.

8. Keep a neck pillow
A neck pillow reduces the level of flight fatigue and exhaustion significantly. Also you won’t have to deal with a stiff neck.

9. Invest in Travel insurance
Always get the basic travel insurance for your peace of mind and safety.

10. Travel light
Fight the urge to pack extra unnecessary items that you know are not essential. A light luggage helps reduce the airport woes.


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