Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bedazzle your beloved with a Rose Explosion

Beauty and tenderness are the quintessential traits of love and romance. These very traits make flowers the best option for expressing love.  Since time immemorial, men have been using flowers and floral arrangements to lure their partners or to express their love. When it comes to flowers, roses have always topped the chart as the most authentic symbol of intense love. Any gift for that special someone will appear staid without being complemented by red or pink roses.

Roses speak the language of love

Roses of different shades speak a myriad of languages. Giving a bouquet of beautiful roses makes a clear statement that the receiver of the bouquet is special to the giver. So authentic are the emotions conveyed by roses that one need not utter a word while giving them to their near and dear ones. Picking the right colour of rose for the right expression also goes on to show that the giver has made the effort to choose the most beautiful and most splendid of all flowers.

Derived from the genus rosa, rose is the most versatile way to convey one's varying range of emotions and expressions depending on the arrangement of the flower. Colours also have a lot to do with the meanings of different varieties of roses. If the red rose stands for passion, the pink rose signifies gentility.

Here is a brief review of what different colours of roses symbolise:

White Roses

Being the epitome of purity and innocence, white roses can be sent to indicate platonic love. Mixing white roses with their red counterpart indicates friendly love. Because white roses convey purity, they are often a favourite flower for weddings. White roses also hold the meaning of memories and hence a bouquet of white roses could be given to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

Red Roses

Romance and red roses are synonymous. Even poets have sung in praise of this flower. For instance, Robert Burns' poem, "My Love is like a Red Red Rose" is symbolic of the timelessness of the red rose. The red rose also symbolises beauty and perfection, making it an apt expression of messages like “I love you”. No wonder, a lush bouquet of red roses has stood the test of time as the perfect gift of love. 

Yellow Roses

The yellow rose, stands for joy, warmth, and true friendship. Yellow roses can also be sent as a sign of sympathy. Although it was symbolic of jealousy in Victorian times; the meaning of the yellow rose has certainly changed over the centuries. You may send a bright bouquet of yellow roses if you want to tell your best friend that she brings you joy and that you're always there with her.

Express your undying love through Rose Explosion

How about giving a rich bouquet of fresh blooming roses in vivid colours to surprise your beloved? The Rose Explosion is just that. It is a celebration of summer in all its glory that will certainly enchant the recipient and give them a dash of freshness on any day.


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