Friday, 23 September 2016

Advantages of eBooks

An eBook, standing for electronic book, is an e-text that forms digital media protected with a digital rights management system. Equivalent of a conventional printed book, eBooks are read on personal computers or on dedicated hardware devices known as eBook readers or devices. There are many smart mobile phones which you can use to read eBooks. There are many choices available when it comes to choosing a format for production. The list includes plain text files, Hypertext markup language, open electronic book package format, CHM format, and many more. Every format has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious advantage of eBooks is their portability. Even hundreds or thousands of books may be stored on the same eBook reader unlike printed books that may be too bulky to carry. An eBook collection would take very little space. Text can be searched automatically and cross-referenced using hyperlinks. 

eBooks offer flexibility like they may allow the use of animated images or multimedia clips. You can adjust their font size and face at your convenience. eBooks also allow non-permanent highlighting and annotation. An e-book can automatically open at the last read page. It is also possible to convert eBooks to audio books with the help of Text-to-Speech software. If you are author or want to promote your products or services, you may easily self publish eBooks. It has also been observed that a free eBook can stimulate the sale of the printed version.

eBooks and Online promotion

As the use of the Internet has become widely popular, it has been observed that eBook is one of the most powerful online promotional tools. eBooks, when offered for free, may help you attract lots of visitors to your web site and eventually, increase your online business revenues.

How can you do it?
Start writing: If you know your products well and can also list all the benefits that people can enjoy with your products, you may start writing. Remember, you do not need to be great at writing. As long as you can make people understand your point of view clearly, your purpose of publishing eBooks would be fulfilled.

However, there are certain points you should always keep in your mind while writing. First, do not sound too promotional. You may fail in winning loyal customers if your eBook sound like a sales letter. Second, do not forget to give tips, insights, advice, and important information for readers.

Embed your web site’s links inside the eBook: These links will serve as the gateway to your website. People can click these links so that they can directly visit your online store.

Allow readers to redistribute your eBook:  This would help in adding value by making you web site reach a wider audience. You just need to ensure that your readers retain the links in your eBook while redistributing it. 


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